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"The Biblical account concerning life"

An excerpt from "The Underground Bible,"
donated by its author Elijah

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The account told to Mankind in the Bible, concerning life on earth, tells us that God created Mankind as one of the animals, and not from one of the animals. God is perfect. His use of language in the Bible doesn’t need human interpretation; nor has God made a single mistake explaining the creation. The Bible’s use of words explaining God’s creation doesn’t need further explanation or exploration to discover truth and reality. Remember, contradicting or denying anything written in the Bible is the sin of blaspheming the Holy Spirit: which is the only sin Jesus did not die on the cross to forgive: it is the only sin that will never be forgiven in this world or the world to come.

Mankind was originally created as animals with their own personal spirits, but they did not have ‘living spirits’. The first creation of Mankind is proven by the idea that Adam was instructed to replenish the earth with human beings. The word ‘replenish’ means replacing what already existed. Therefore, human beings already existed on earth. Time did not yet exist on earth, but the material world did exist with human beings. Lucifer was the Archangel put in charge of the earth. Since we know Lucifer and the fallen angels rebelled against their Creator, God by-passed the prior human beings born on earth, and created Adam directly from clay with the same set of instincts and a living
spirit. Adam was not the first human being created, but he was the first human being created with own personal living spirit. The difference between Adam and all other human beings prior to him was Adam had an additional spirit added to his human body. The spirit added to Adam was the Holy Spirit (the Ruach). Since Adam’s personal spirit was a living spirit, he gained the privilege of having God’s Holy Spirit with him at all times during his life. The Holy Spirit is what made Adam’s ‘living spirit’ a prophet who could communicate indirectly with God. Prior to the cross, the Holy Spirit could only be in one person at a time. He could move from person-to-person, but could not be in two people at one time. Jesus changed this phenomenon by dying on the cross and becoming the Holy Spirit.

When Jesus completed his mission on earth as a man, God glorified him. The glorification process of Jesus’ personal spirit was the multiplication of his personal spirit. Once God multiplied Jesus’personal spirit he could enter the bodies of every living person on earth at the same time to become their conscience. This is what is meant by Jesus sitting at the right hand of God. Since God is inside everyone at the same time, and Jesus is sitting at the right hand of God, then Jesus is inside everyone at the same time also. This means Jesus became exactly like God, and it was not robbery for Jesus to become equal to God.

A ‘living spirit’ is also called a soul in the Bible. Each human being’s body is built around their own personal spirit. Each spirit God created is unique. There are no two spirits alike. You are your personal spirit. It is your essence. Your personal spirit or soul is the real ‘you’ living inside your human body, which is a unique spirit compared to all other spirits created by God. Each human being has his or her own unique personal spirit or soul. This troubles most parents because they want their children to be exactly like them. This is impossible since each human being born on earth is a unique creature. The term ‘living spirit’ simply means a spirit who believes and loves God. The term ‘loves God’ means keeping God’s commandments. One of God’s commandments is to love
other human beings. Anyone who hates another human being and says he loves God is a liar and does not have a ‘living spirit’.

A ‘dead spirit’ is the opposite of a ‘living spirit’. A ‘dead spirit’ is a spirit that has rejected God, and does not love God. The human beings created prior to Adam and Eve also had personal spirits, but their spirits were ‘dead spirits’, and not ‘living spirits’. This means the spirits born into these earliest human beings had rejected God’s commandments. These spirits were the fallen angels who followed Lucifer before the earth was created, who were imprisoned on earth after they rebelled against God. They too had their own unique personal spirits, which could not be destroyed, and would live eternally; but their personal spirits were not ‘living spirits’. Since these ‘dead spirits’ cannot be destroyed, they are destined to be separated from God forever. This separation is called the resurrection of Damnation. Many parables in the Bible refer to this separation, such as: the wheat and the tares, the sheep and the goats, and the ten virgins. The concept of a ‘living spirit’ is that this spirit will live with God forever. While all other spirits are considered ‘dead spirits’, who are also eternal spirits, but they will be separated from God forever. Therefore, all the human beings born on earth prior to Adam had ‘dead spirits’ and would not be allowed to spend eternity with God, unless they decided to believe God by just following their original instincts, which dictated vegetation was their only food source. This is the reason God performed a miracle to create a different line of human beings through Adam and Eve, even though human beings already existed on earth.

Cain was born with a living spirit because he was a child of Adam, but when he murdered his brother Abel, his personal spirit died. The Lord had to banish him from the Garden because he had a dead spirit, and to keep him from getting to the Tree of Life. The ‘Tree of Life’ had the power to change a ‘dead spirit’ into a ‘living spirit’, and the “Tree of Knowledge" had the power to change a ‘living spirit’ to a ‘dead spirit’. The Garden of Eden represented the kingdom of God, and the world outside surrounding the Garden represented the kingdom of Hell. Once Cain was banished from the Garden of Eden, the ‘Tree of Life’ had to be guarded to keep the evil human beings outside the Garden from getting to it. Since Cain knew about the secrets in the Garden of Eden and the Tree of Life, God had it guarded by cherubim with a flaming sword to keep people outside the Garden from entering it, and getting to the Tree of Life. Remember, the Tree of Life is Jesus. Since Jesus is the Word of God, then the Tree of Life is the Word of God. When a person is chosen by God to become His prophet, then that person has established a perfect relationship with God through Jesus, and is actually carrying Jesus around inside them to help other people. This is Jesus’ way of extending the Tree of Life to mean God’s prophets. Therefore, God replaced the Tree of Life with His Word being
carried by His prophets. These prophets are the new Tree of Life. Only the Tree of Life could turn a human being’s ‘dead spirit’ into a ‘living spirit’. Eating from the Tree of Life is the only way a person can achieve reviving or resurrecting his or her dead spirit.* (* See Revelation, chapter 22, verse 2)

When God created Adam and put the ‘Ruach’* into him, he became the first Son of God, a human prophet that would live forever with God. Abel was the first prophet killed, and not the first prophet. (* Ruach is Hebrew for the Holy Spirit)

Your soul is your own personal spirit. Adam was different than all the other creatures God created, because Adam had a living soul (spirit). Adam was also given the ability to freely make decisions or a Free Will, which no other living creature or thing possesses.  

Dead Spirits also have ‘Free Will’, but they are in bondage to Satan. This is also called ‘Possession’. These type people do not have a free will because they have freely given up their freedom. Their will has been replaced by the will of the demons controlling them. Demons work constantly to deceive people about their free will. Demons convince people they no longer have a free will, but anyone with demons can simply tell their demons to vacate them. The demons must be obedient. If you think you have demons you have to read the Bible all day long, every day, until they leave you alone. Demons can easily withstand you reading the Bible a few hours, or a few times per week. You have to immerse yourself in the Bible and decide to believe whatever you read, before they will cease possessing a person.

A living spirit means the personal spirit inside a human being, who is the human being, is eternally alive and cannot be destroyed. Only human beings have personal spirits, whether they are ‘living’ or ‘dead’ spirits.

Animals have personal living spirits, which are eternal, and cannot perish eternally. Trees, plants, and rock do not have spirits; neither do they go to heaven or hell.

Life after death is the only essential to Christian and Jewish belief. Whereas, some religions believe people physically die and return as another creature on earth, such as: a snake, a beetle, or a frog, etc. This is impossible because all creatures that have a living spirit can never be destroyed, neither can they change who they were originally created to be. Religious ideas contrary to these are errors, the false beliefs of misled human tribes from thousands of years ago.

Animals will be resurrected. All animals and creatures will be resurrected from the dead. When Mankind has destroyed all life on earth, God will rebuild the earth, and return it to its original state, which was a Paradise. This includes all the various living creatures, creeping things, fish, birds, animals, and people that had nothing to do with the earth’s destruction. These creatures, including people, will be resurrected from the dead, and put back on earth, but people with dead spirits will not be allowed to return from the dead. They will remain alive and alone, somewhere in the outer darkness without God forever. The entire Bible is dedicated to teaching Mankind these truths about God and His creation.

Understanding this idea is essential to understanding many parts of the Bible and life, whether it is life, as we know it, or life after physical death. Keep this in mind!

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  1. Text taken from "THE UNDERGROUND BIBLE," Chapter 11, Section 2, at: This is a PDF file. You may require software to read it. Software can be obtained free from: 
  2. For information, send mail to The Underground Bible, P.O. Box 10519, Marina Del Rey, CA 90295 or email

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Copyright © 2006 by Elijah. All Rights Reserved. No part of this publication may be reproduced, stored in a retrieval system or transmitted, in any form or by any means, electronic, mechanical, photocopying, recording or otherwise, without written permission from the author or the author’s agent. Used here by permission.
Posted: 2006-OCT-23
Latest update: 2006-OCT-23

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