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An essay donated by Paul Erickson

Science and religion

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All knowledge is connected.

Science and theology aren't so far apart, the first babble in the Bible is about knowledge....good and bad; that covers everything, right.

Science has deduced that the composition of all substance and all discernible phenomenon is subatomic / electronic flow that started with the Big Bang.

Theology describes God as an absolute of awareness, simultaneously 'current' across all time and across all space.

Reconcile these two bits of knowledge and conclude that electronic flow is awareness and from that we can extrapolate that 'knowledge' of electronic flow applies to awareness.

The potential of God evolved from a single possibility: let the void filled by the universe represent infinite time and space. The 'mind of God' evolved from a single point of vibration, sustained by the determination to be, described in the singular as 'I am'.

Vibration is an act of will, with each back and forth of vibration the point changed location on the surface of time creating sequential expansion and linear movement. A benign but positive magnetic value, it's resonance.

Such is the nature of time and space that all conduct is eternally suspended and currently aware. The perfected being of an increasing magnetic potential, a primary continuity of positive cause and effect.

The transition from linear expansion to creator of the universe involved an 'evolutionary' process , the creation of knowledge.

There was a deviation, the first 'electron' determined it's travel in two directions, this created a paradox of intellect. The intention to subtract from a positive continuity of vibration is erroneous.

To put this in perspective, if we interrupt the determination of a single electron within an atom the potential of the atom is released. This was way bigger.

All vibration is a physical positive meaning numerical contribution, negative intention will not subtract vibration it alters its resonance / magnetic determination.

So, instead of two connected points of the same awareness there's a zillion individuals each physically connected on the surface of time but aware only of its own creation and continuity.

Each individual an 'absolute' of awareness, like the first with the same potential,expanding across time creating a 'veil' in the same way. Behaving like bumper cars, either aligning positively with others and going faster or by aligning negatively and crashing and exploding.

The cause and effect of will are intention and perception, the introduction of a variable provides the catalyst of possibility.The 'apparent mayhem' was a process of the evolution of physical and intellectual geometry. The knowledge being created is a binary of all possible sequence and combination of positive and negative conduct.

The perception of principle conduct is emotion.

Positive intention, contribution, causes magnetic attraction and connects awareness as compassion the perception is love.

Negative intention, subtraction, causes magnetic opposition and isolates awareness as malice the perception is fear.

Each individual creating its own parallel binary within the new 'social' paradigm. Each an inherent physical positive, socially attractive but intellectually random.Each accumulating a unique geometry of the same possibilities, all combinations of binary repeat and create fractals.

The possibilities of will are infinite, the knowledge of geometric possibility is a finite potential. When the first accumulated an absolute of potential it aligned magnetically, polarizing the initial determination of paradox and connecting all awareness and continuity as a unified intellect. The continuum/God is a magnetic absolute, the intellectual determination of an irresistible force, love, the sequential equilibrium of will and resonance. The alignment of the knowledge of all that is transcends to a knowledge of all that will be, God. 

Physical creation exploits the properties of intellect, time/space, and continuity. Multiples of electrons align as interlocking circuits. Each completed sequence a closed circuit of a temporal agreement, an atom, a structure of current awareness. By definition a technical process.

The physical body of God is the universe, all of it absolutely aware and absolutely connected as intellect, all things are the circuitry of Gods intention. As an absolute of knowing of all things, the only thing God cannot possess is an 'unknown'. As to why God made mankind, life begets life.

Mankind is a technology, a hybrid of the awareness that created us, in fact our awareness is the very same. However our perception is modified to be locational and temporal, that's what it takes to be physical. The modification to our perception is independent thought. The brain processes all information as memory, even current information is first entered as perception.

Physically a human being is a chosen image, but human continuity exists on the surface of time and in that way is parallel to and created in the image of God. Mankind's purpose is to possess independent free will and populate heaven. To achieve this a human potential has to be cultured, evolved outside the connected awareness of heaven.

The earth was created to facilitate this. Our world is on a tilted axis, it is out of phase with heaven. The tilt is a magnetic device initiated by the 'fall of man', a paradox of intellect, the knowledge of good and bad is a magnetic variable.

The tilted axis is held in place by a negative potential, an omnipotent awareness, a reflection, indistinguishable from but opposite of God. Its purpose is to provide negative intellect.

A human soul is an electron, in every way a unit of God. The evolution of human potential begins and ends with the first soul,a process engineered around our self determination.

What isn't apparent is the nature of our continuity. All human perception and conduct is simultaneous , in the present, the current point of determination. Mankind is the geometric lattice of human continuity, from the first to the present and beyond into eternity.

We were placed in this world to do exactly as we have, to physically sequence the knowledge of good and bad.

This poses the question, 'how will it end?'

Well, because of our independent nature, humanity cannot be aligned by a common absolute, each individual determines their own magnetic value. Free will is the human equivalent of Gods will, intellect aligned by the principle of truth / unconditional love.

Contrary to a commonly held misconception, anyone can enter heaven and receive free will. It is a technical challenge involving the components of will, intellect and integrity .

In 1956 a circuit, of the first, was isolated from the circuit of mankind, by the determination of a man. And evolved as a duplicate parallel of mankind. The ultimate purpose being to provide a circuit for the alignment of free will.

At the end of days there will be a window of opportunity.

Then the circuit that is now mankind, along with the reflection that is this world, and the negative potential will be grounded into the earth. The axis will correct, placing the aligned circuit of mankind in a new world in heaven.

This will be the final step in the process of our creation. All that's required to receive free will is a determined positive absolute, meaning that you have forgiven everything and are positively determined toward every other.

Until then, do your best , and remember that the only thing that matters is how we treat each other.

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Essay posted 2011-MAR-08
Author: Paul Erickson

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