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Euthanasia and Physician Assisted Suicide (PAS)

Books on Physician Assisted Suicide

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Books on euthanasia

Note: This list contains some "do it yourself" books on hastening death. They are intended to guide terminally ill individuals whose quality of life has shrunk to nothing. They are not intended to help depressed people commit suicide. If you are depressed and/or distressed we urge you to get professional help or to call a suicide prevention line, crisis center, or distress center. Their telephone numbers can often be found at the beginning of your telephone book.

  • Robert M. Baird & Stuart E. Rosenbaum, "Euthanasia: The Moral Issues (Contemporary Issues in Philosophy)," (1989). Order this book safely from online book store

  • Max Charlesworth, "Bioethics in a Liberal Society", Cambridge Univ. Press, Oakleigh, (1993) Read reviews/order this book

  • Ian Dowbiggin, "A Merciful End: The Euthanasia Movement in Modern America," Oxford University Press, (2003). Read reviews/order this book

  • Geoffrey Drutchas, "Is life sacred?" Pilgrim Press, (1999) Read reviews/order this book

  • Peter Filene, "In the arms of others: A cultural history of the right-to-die in America," Ivan R. Dee, (1998)  "...illuminates the unique historical, cultural, and bioethical issues bedeviling treatment of the terminally ill and assisted suicide in this country." Read reviews/order this book

  • S.B. Geis, Ed,. D.E. Messer, contributor, "How shall we die?: Helping Christians debate assisted suicide," Abingdon Press, (1997). A range of viewpoints, from conservative to liberal are covered. Read reviews/order this book

  • Neil M. Gorsuch, "The Future of Assisted Suicide and Euthanasia," Princeton University Press, (2009). Read reviews/order this book

  • Derek Humphry, "Let me die before I wake: Hemlock's book of self-deliverance for the dying," National Hemlock Society, (1991). Apparently only available in large print. Read reviews/order this book

  • Derek Humphry, "Final exit: The practicalities of self-deliverance and assisted suicide for the dying," Bantam Doubleday Dell, (2010) " 'Final Exit' is an invaluable book for those with terminal illness who wish to consider self-deliverance (hastened death).Read reviews/order this book

  • J.B.Mitchell, "Understanding assisted suicide: Nine issues to consider," University of Michigan Press, (2007).  Read reviews/order this book

  • Anne Mullens, "Timely Death: Considering our last rights", Knopf (1996) Read reviews/order this book

  • Robert Orfali, "Death with Dignity: The Case for Legalizing Physician-Assisted Dying and Euthanasia" Mill City Press, (2011). Read reviews/order this book

  • Betty Rollin, "Last wish," Public Affairs (1998) " intimate, fiercely honest memoir of a daughter's struggle to come to terms with her terminally ill mother's decision to die.Read reviews/order this book

  • Wesley J. Smith, "Forced Exit: Euthanasia, Assisted Suicide and the New Duty to Die," Encounter Books, (2006). Read reviews/order this book

  • Carrie Snyder, "Euthanasia (Opposing Viewpoints)." Greenhaven, (2006). Read reviews/order this book

  • Geo. Stone, "Suicide and attempted suicide: methods and consequences," Carroll & Graf, (1999). "This is essentially a guide on how to commit suicide, or alternatively, stage a 'safe'' suicidal gesture." Read reviews/order this book

  • Marilyn Webb, et al., "The good death: The new American search to reshape the end of life," Bamtam Books, (1997) "...Marilyn Webb has written the one essential book we all need to understand and deal with these new realities.Read reviews/order this book

  • John West, "The Last Goodnights: Assisting My Parents with Their Suicides,"  Counterpoint, (2009). Read reviews/order this book. This book received a five star rating -- the highest -- from customers.

  • Sue Woodman, "Last rights: The struggle over the right to die," Plenum Press, (1998) "This detailed look at the right-to-die movement is as impressive for its compassion as it is for its scope." Read reviews/order this book

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(If you see a generic Amazon ad here, please click your browser's refresh icon.)'s data base contains the following books on euthanasia:

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