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Women as clergy: priests, pastors, ministers, rabbis...

Books, Internet links, and a video

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Some recommended books:

  • Image of book coverImage of book cover  "Taking Back God: American Women Rising Up for Religious Equality" by Leora Tanenbaum. Read reviews or order this book safely from online book store review:
    • " If you’ve witnessed the preferential treatment of men in America’s houses of worship, you will not be surprised to learn that there is a surge of women in this country rising up and demanding religious equality. More and more, religious women—Christian, Muslim, and Jewish—are declaring that they expect to be treated as equals in the religious sphere. They want the same meaningful spiritual connections enjoyed by their brothers, fathers, husbands, and sons. They embrace the word of God but are critical of their faith’s male-oriented theology and liturgy. They reject the conventional interpretations of religious traditions that give women a different—and, to their minds, lesser—status. Rather than abandoning their faith, these women are taking it back and making it stronger, transforming religion while maintaining tradition. "

      "Leora Tanenbaum relates the experiences of Catholics, evangelical and mainline Protestants, Muslims, and observant Jews. The conflict these religious women face—honoring tradition while expanding it to synchronize with modern values—is ultimately one that all people of faith grapple with today." review:

    The controversial subject of women's ordination has become a polarizing issue within the church, yet there is still a calm, rational, and biblical way to search for a resolution. Is women's ordination a question of fairness or culture? Is there really an absolute truth on the subject? Eugene Prewitt carefully tackles these questions and many more in this concise but practical book to help you better understand God's Word on the matter.

  • book cover image "Beyond the Curse: Women called to ministry," Aida Bescancon Spencer. Read reviews or order this book safely from online book store. review:

    "With issues such as the ordination of women and the call for "inclusive" language affecting the Church today, Dr. A¡da Spencer has provided a helpful and important study of how the Scriptures really speak to these and other issues related to the role of women in the Church.

    From the biblical account of creation and "the fall" to other relevant Old Testament passages, Beyond the Curse carefully examines the attitudes toward and teachings about women-especially those of Jesus and Paul."

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Other books:

bullet Call to Action has a list of links to websites promoting progressive church reform at:

bullet has a bibliography on "Ordination and Women" at:

bullet B.M Ashley, "Justice in the Church : Gender and Participation (The McGivney Lectures of the John Paul II Institute for Studies on Marriage and Family, 1992)," Catholic University of America Press (1996) Read reviews or order this book safely from online book store

bullet James Beck, "Two views on Women in Ministry," Zondervan., (2005). Review/order this book A debate between two theologians promoting the egalitarian and complementarian points of view .

bullet E. Behr-Sigel, "The Ministry of Women in the Church," Oakwood Publ., (1990). Review/order this book An analysis by an Orthodox theologian.

bullet J. Chapman, "Last Bastion: Women Priests; the Case for and Against," Heinemann, (1989) Order this book 

bullet M. Chaves, "Ordaining Women: Culture and Conflict in Religious Organizations," Harvard Univ. Press, (1997).  Review/order this book  The author "discovers that groups having strong sacramentalist or strong fundamentalist beliefs are the most likely to use restrictive views of women’s roles in the church as a protest against modernism and liberalism."  

bullet Bonnidell Clouse et al., "Women in Ministry: Four views," IVP Academic, (1989). Order this book

bullet K.K. FitzGerald, "Women Deacons in the Orthodox church: Called to Holiness and Ministry," Holy Cross Press (1998). Order this book

bullet R.T. France, "Women in the Church's Ministry: A Test-Case for Biblical Interpretation," Eerdmans Publ., (1997). Review/order this book

bullet S.J. Grenz & D.M. Kjesbo, "Women in the Church: a Biblical Theology of Women in Minstry," Intervarsity Press, (1995) Review/order this book 

bullet A.F. Ide, "God's Girls: Ordination of Women in the Early Christian and Gnostic Churches," Tanglewould Press, (1986). Order this book 

bullet Paul Jewett, "The Ordination of Women: An Essay on the Office of Christian Ministry," Eerdmans, (1980). Order this book 

bullet Gary Macy, "The Hidden History of Women's Ordination: Female Clergy in the Medieval West ," Oxford University Press, (2007). Order this book 

bullet J.G. Melton, "Women's Ordination: Official Statements from Religious Bodies and Ecumenical Organizations," Gale Research, (1990) Order this book

bullet E.P. Mitchell, Ed., "Women: To Preach or not to Preach; 21 Outstanding Black Preachers say Yes," Judson Press, (1991). Review/order this book

bullet P.S. Nadell, "Women Who Would Be Rabbis: A History of Women's Ordination, 1989-1985," Beacon Press, (1998). Review/order this book

bullet K.J. Torjensen, "When Women Were Priests", Harper, San Francisco (1995) Review/order this book

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Internet links:

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A video:

bullet "Women's Ordination: the Hidden Tradition," is a 58 minute British videotape of the history of women's ordination in Christianity. It was made in 1992 and caused quite a stir at the time. It "investigates Church history which suggests that the evidence of history is not as clear-cut as it might appear. For it would seem that in the fifth century, Pope Gelasius I sent a letter to the bishops of Southern Italy instructing them to stop ordaining women." The videotape is available in the U.S. from: Reel Spirit Productions, 3724 F.M.1960W., Suite 315, Houston, TX, 77068. Telephone: 1-800-3EMMAUS.

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