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Sympathy For The Almighty:
It's Not Easy Being God

An essay donated by Keith Gilmour

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Feeling sorry for someone who owns their own universe may well be ridiculous but it is very hard not to sympathize with God when we actually try putting ourselves into His (or Her) shoes.

After an eternity being driven half mad by unimaginable loneliness and unanswerable questions like "How did I get here?" and "Why am I God?", you eventually figure out how to spark a universe. Then, after waiting billions of years for life to evolve on just one of the planets it spawned, you watch as life slowly feeds upon life in a cruel and haphazard system destined to produce creatures clever enough to question the origins of their existence.

Unfortunately, these creatures turn out not to be as intelligent as you had hoped. They make up stories about you; they sacrifice animals to you; they attribute bizarre (and often vicious) commands
to you - and they fight over whose side you might be on!

Worst of all, many pray to you for assistance when hit by natural and manmade disasters. Unable to reach in and help without wrecking the entire universe, you can only look on in horror as your 'children' neglect (or annihilate) each other, trash the planet and delude themselves with visions of the Rapture.

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Posted: 2006-OCT-17
Author: Keith Gilmour

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