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Gnosticism: Ancient and modern

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Gnostic Internet links:

bullet Lists of links, groups, and a bibliography:
bullet A list of Gnostic links is at:

bullet Newsgroup alt.religion.gnostic relates to Gnosticism.

bullet The Gnostic church of Christianity has a Yahoo group at:

bullet Stephan A. Hoeller (Tau Stephanus), a Gnostic Bishop, maintains a bibliography of Gnostic books and a recommended basic library. See:
bullet Individual web sites:
bullet Gnostic Awakenings includes articles, books, and free courses on meditation, Gnosticism, and astral projection. See:

bullet Gnosis: The experiential knowledge of truth is at:

bullet The Gnostic Church of Christianity has a web site at:

bullet The Gnostic Network contains "An Exploration Into the Spirit, the Creator And the Nature of the Universe" at:

bullet The Gnosis Site is at:

bullet The Gnostic Friends Network has a description of ancient Gnosticism at:

bullet The The Gnostic Pagan Tradition School Of New Aeon Philosophy has an initiation course at:

bullet The Gnostic Society in Norway has a major web site devoted to an historical review of Gnosticism. See:

bullet Paul Harrison has written "A history of pantheism and scientific pantheism" which includes selected passages from the Gospel of Thomas and the Gospel of Eve. See:

bullet The Gnostic Society in California has RealAudio lectures and many essay on Gnosticism available at:

bullet Stephan A. Hoeller also has a very readable "Brief Summary of Gnosticism" at:

bullet GNOSIS is "A Journal of the Western Inner Traditions (ISSN 0894-6159), ...a quarterly magazine devoted to the exploration of the spiritual and esoteric paths of the Western Hemisphere." Much of its material deals with Gnosticism. Their home page is at:

bullet Gnostic Utah hold services in the Holy Cross Chapel, their Gnostic Eucharist is open to all. See:

bullet The Gnostic Way is a Gnostic discussion forum at:

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