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An essay donated by J. K. Gregory

Achieving a more equitable balance between
service & exploitation of humanity & resources

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Truth, at any cost
I do not profess the wisdom of the "Elders," but, what must be said, will be said.
The only cognitive reasoning species of the planet operates within an “educational structure” where there are distinctive institutes which teach in the areas and professions of service to community, humanity, health, and conservation of resources; and at the same time there are distinctive institutes which teach in the areas and professions in the development of methodology, products, and services which exploit humanity and natural resources.
There is some question as to the actual integrity and values of both sides of this dichotomy; therein humanity refuses to acknowledge what must be done. The species cannot teach EVERYTHING, and teach it well, and hope it all works out.
Until this issue of the educational dichotomy is addressed, nothing anybody (including the Elders) or any organization does, means anything. It's just somebody adding another piece (their piece – not peace) in a growing puzzle of possibilities, when simplicity is in the answer.
If left to continue this way the historians of the future would see nothing more than what I see now. Just a lot of pomp; people employed in seeking self-glorification in minute actions, patting themselves on the back for partial victories - while the raping, pillaging, plundering, and exploitation of lives continues to be allowed and enacted by the "educated" wealthy powerful - the same sort of people who have held the reins (reigns) throughout thousands of years of history. These are and have been the "educated," wealthy, and powerful who somehow cannot come up with a more “equitable” solution for all humanity.
If there be a voice to be heard, let it be that of children at play. And weren't you a child once? You don't speak as children do. You, the "Elders" and other global leaders speak so as to satisfy an expectation which some evil entity laid upon them and you as more important than peace and play itself - called the process. They invite those of their ilk to their chambers and talk, talk, talk and talk of distant woes, or condemn something or another. When and where, has conversations such as theirs with other global leaders actually made a difference to the masses throughout the years. Each time they rescue one or two, even a few more, turning them to their ways; and make proclamations, and the world applauds, gives them a prize, award, or honor.

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But, nothing changes; as more are born into the “educational” dichotomy; and the number of institutes supposedly to resolve the issues, continues to grow; likewise those which counteract their success.
And the “educated” and the wealthy and growing powerful are there to create and manage them; managing even the institutes addressing the most heinous of problems like sex-trafficking. But, are the problems really being addressed?
When has any problem been addressed WITH A VENGENCE, by a highly skilled and intellectual community (the human species), until the problem was totally eliminated? It has never been done, in the way that some diseases have been pursued to be eliminated. Why is this? It's because you can't trust the likes of "needy" men to actually resolve a problem if it means the elimination of their capitalistic livelihood or position of worth in their own eyes.
The global mentality of those who make the decisions for us all is - Let's not eliminate unnecessary employment and make lives better; let just find new ways to create jobs in a capitalistic environment, is the reality of this fallen society.
So I must step in, and enact change for the children to come, as I have been doing these many months. You can continue to do things on your and the existing leadership level; I will do it on mine. I however do not need the recognition or support of humanity, who has proven they don't have the answers; and if they do have understanding, they refuse to acknowledge them.
Not many months remain for all, so work hard to attain to your temporal glorious statures. None-the-less, I will remove it all from you. Honor and glory goes to God, not to mankind who is only created in His image and not God Himself. Stop honoring the likes of men, as people so often thoughtlessly do, and God will redeem you.

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Posted: 2011-SEP-04
Author: J.K. Gregory
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