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An essay donated by J.K. Gregory

Issues of the economy and the quality of life

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Regarding the economy; and what is to come; from a Godly perspective. God who created all men, who dwells with a man (Know ye not that you are the temple of the Lord?), works only with what HE knows to be the truth within that man. I say, verify these things written here before you discard them, because “If the truth is not taught, why teach anything at all?”  Think of the last few years and think of Greece more recently. What is to come.  

First, where did this reward (so called incentive - turned in to an industry) system come from? We know brute force dominated the world’s landscape for thousands of years; later intimidation began to include a more subtle and methodical approach (it cannot be said more intelligent), through tools (such as a monetary system) designed to portray a presence of overpowering importance or entitlement. 

Look closely at the so called peaks of civilization, of the Incas, Aztecs, Mayans, Persians, Romans, Greeks, Babylonians, Siam, and Egyptians. If they were so perfect that they are taught today, why did they fail when the ruling elite were deposed of or died off? Their success model, a mixture of: false religion; building and development, and later resource, technology, or scientific advancements; all promoting an imbalance in entitlements leading to socioeconomic class extremes. Imbalances leading greater to difficulty and strife. The peaks were not revived to their original glories for a reason. Simply, the civilizations did not satisfy the needs of the masses of people who were serving the few. The methodology did not and does not serve the nature of man which is: Man is created in God’s image. At that time in mankind’s development, there was someplace to go, places for expansion - to try to get a fresh start and conduct commerce more equitably, until the next group of people came along and demanded special considerations and entitlements. Today there is no place to go; and too many profiting off the incomes of the people who actually do the physical work of sustaining this and every other country around the world. People, they’re not stupid you know; they’ve always wanted to trust that the leaders actually had their best interest in mind; not this.

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 Capitalism and the economy from several perspectives: 

1.) Consider two people: one wealthy; one making a meager limited income. The wealthy one owns a business selling food or something else. The wealthy increases price on food, ensuring consistent income to afford necessities, and even luxuries; even pay back some money he borrow to get things going. The second, having no additional income, has to pay more for the food item. Who is the victim? A five dollar piece of meat is more valuable to the person making less; and if the price is raised, it costs him even more out of the total portion of limited income which has been given to him. In most cases he has no ability to levy anything from anyone to help him manage the increase, just his regulated income. What is five dollars and a few pennies increase to the wealthy; was he not the one who increased his income when raising prices to afford such things? And who is going to pay for an oil spill disaster? Most costs are passed on to those who can least afford to pay for them; so some wealthy person is not inconvenienced in the least. The person who makes only $10/hr has to pay the $1/gal increase right along side the person who makes $45/hr.; who is being penalized the most? What did the poorer person do that he would have to bear the greater burden to his household? Behold, capitalism at its finest!  

2.) People work diligently, conscientiously, and cordially 8 hours a day FOR AND WITH other human beings – beings who by their economic advantage EXCLUDE the others from their social networks the other 16 hours a day. Behold, capitalism at its finest!  

3.) Basically, two institutions, Government and Business, attach multiple financial products; i.e. currency (profit margins, taxes, interest rates, fees, insurance, etc; i.e., money over and above the cost of production) to every physical substance, service, and most every intangible creation, including on currency itself, leveraging whatever financial gain can be obtained from the extra financial products; regulating the amount of gain (income) of all economic groups employed by the government and businesses; while being managed and regulated by people who gather the extra financial products – those who are most served by the extra financial products. Isn’t that like putting the gun in the hand of the person holding you up? Behold, capitalism at its finest! 

The sign of a truly benevolent, compassionate, caring, and humble authority is one who recognizes the wisdom to establish a level of power and authority in themselves, and in others, such that others can attain to it, in order for all to equally share in the accountability, in the responsibilities, as well as in the rewards. Not a fair system if a few get to decide and enforce all the rules and get all the rewards, while others do all the work. For men, manual work is honorable; and all men are perceptive enough to understand this within themselves. 

The wealthy and powerful under the present (yet archaic and outdated incentive/reward) economic system, say “Get an education and work hard and you can elevate yourself to our stature.” Do they consider even for one moment that it is impossible for everybody to do that (though they say it to all), simply because there is actual work to be done? What they are actually saying is “Manual labor makes a person inferior (to them); and that they are above such things; and you can be just like them if you work their system of elite economic ideology. “Gee Mom and Dad, teach me so I can grow up and be just like you, and learn to feel nothing for those who are actually taking care of me doing the actual manual labor it takes to keep society running.” 

Must I remind you that the educated and wealthy have also created all the products which work against the species? Besides the methodologies and laws created around these things, let us consider for a start: asbestos, freon, nuclear waste, sophisticated weaponry of all nature, the technology leading to loss of life and environmental disasters, pollutants entering into the environment, pesticides which make man sick, products which are designed to serve yet have safety flaws, technology which may appear beneficial yet is not fully tested before it is put into production; and perhaps some things we may not know of the full ramifications for years to come. 

Has anyone considered for a moment to speak of this to all generations: ALL the natural resources of this planet belong to the ENTIRE species, every species, over the ENTIRE life of the planet, not to a few generations who happened to have perched on or purchased a piece of property; or amassed wealth to exploit some resource. What does God who dwells within you, say of this statement? 

How evolved and advanced can the human species be, if all they do is to keep adding new dimensions to their thinking without eliminating the irrational and conflicting statements? 

As a result, man, the big brain of all the species, can’t seem to find his way out of the proverbial paper bag he put himself into; while the other species (evolved to) have unusual features such as acute hearing, smelling, vision, sonar, adaptability, tolerance to extremes in weather, ability to fly, the ability to emit an electric charge, the ability to swim to extremes depths, the ability to defend itself with toxic substances, the ability to light up or change colors instantly, as well as survive under duress and other things; all without the use of a political or economic system; or destroying the environment it lives in. Man is his own worse enemy, and the enemy of the other species. Without mankind, the other species would continually evolve where the ecosystem of the earth would become even a more fantastic exotic world without ever having a formal economy or political system. Mankind has undermined himself in his evolution to essentially become all the synonyms of the word ‘blight’ on planet dirt and water. 

Concerning a change in the direction of society - Does mankind really hope to just wake up as if from a coma, and have bypassed what they have done in contributing to what is described (imitating time and time again) in the history books, and that which has been shown in the media for years – crime, corruption, destruction, immorality, subversion, oppression, distortion (all the makings of their highly prized and revered television episodes, books, and movies) like it never really happened? 

And let’s not forget for one moment, as many have done; God said He was patient, not wanting any to perish. Just how long did people expect His patience to last? 

The end, of all that is 'wrong,’ is here. 

As was stated - God, who dwells with a man, works only with what HE knows to be the truth within that man; and it starts when that person is a child. That is why it was so important to "Raise up a child in the way they should go." If the child has been misled so as to adopt the ways of the world, it is only because that child's parents did not do what they were supposed to do. 

Adam, walked with God, was perfect before God having only ONE THING NOT TO DO, and not a lot of work in the process. That is the state mankind is to return to; and it IS found in NOT sinning against the Spirit of Truth. Every other religious zealot has learned and followed the ways and beliefs of Satan, believing all the ritual, pomp, and ceremony was necessary and required in order to appease God, dissecting the Word of God instead of letting it wash over them. Which of the things they do, did Christ do, as they do them? They have been deceived, because their hearts, like Satan's, needed false attention, and the security of a false hierarchy to prove themself as better than someone else, when in reality God sees no one as different; not the sinner, not the saint. 

Send this entire message around the world; and you will save others and redeem yourself. That is all that I command; and to not do this is to mark yourself along with the likes of Satan in the presence of the Lord. God will know if you do as is commanded here, He dwells within you. He and I don't need your affirmation, or even your help; yet I will tell you this, if you do this you will see the heavens open and the Spirit of Truth come upon you. This is the decree which goes out unto the nation's by the Spirit of Truth, even if not by your hands or your mouth, to gather men together for the great day of the Lord. It shall not return empty. So be it. 

In Revelation it is said, “Who is like the beast; who can wage war with him?” And people think this is Satan. Was it not said, “Resist the devil (Satan) and he will flee?” I suggest to you, there is only one entity with which you cannot wage war; and to those who are practicing falsehood even slightly, He may appear as a beast until they are willing to acknowledge their compromised ways and humble themselves. And remember it was also said, do not say Christ is here or there. Why would this be? Because a person stands WITH Christ, or against him, and certainly not in front of him; and no one, not even Christ, will put himself above another Child of God. Amen.

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