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How to setup an automatic monthly
donation via PayPal

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Thanks for considering setting up a monthly donation to our group.

Unfortunately, for a variety of reasons, these donations are not eligible for an income tax deduction at this time. We hope to change this eventually. 

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Donating an amount each month by PayPal:

If you already have an account at PayPal, please click on one of the blue "PayPal Payments" boxes below and log into your PayPal account. They will automatically transfer the amount indicated every month in US dollars from you to us. This is available to people anywhere in the world.

If you do not already have an account with PayPal click on one of the boxes below to go onto the PayPal web site. Then click on the "No PayPal account?" link and create a free account with PayPal.

of $5.00 a month

of $10.00 a month

of $20.00 a month

of $30.00 a month

of $50.00 a month

(Why this is safe)

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Our refund policy:

If you donated money to us and later changed your mind, and decided that you want a refund, please Email us, supplying your name, the amount donated, and an estimate of the date of the donation. We will refund your most recent donation by PayPal or money order.

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Our contact information:

E-mail address: [email protected]

U.S. Address: OCRT, PO Box 128, Watertown NY, 13601, USA.

Canadian Address: OCRT, PO Box 22035, RPO Cataraqui, Kingston ON, Canada K7M 8S5.

Our Fax number: (888) 806-6115

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Ontario Consultants on Religious Tolerance
Updated 2019-SEP-03

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