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GLBT resources

Books about religion and GLBT issues.

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Religion and GLBT issues:

The bookstore lists the following books on the topic of "religion and homosexuality."

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A book to help mainline Protestants understand homosexuality:

"Ordination Standards:  Biblical, Theological, and Scientific Perspectives," iUniverse, Inc., (2005), 588 pages. Read reviews or order this book safely from online book store.

The Ordination Standards Task Force of North Como Presbyterian Church in Roseville, MN, has produced a most impressive book on homosexuality. Its main theme is whether candidates who are in loving committed same-sex relationships should be allowed to be ordained in the Presbyterian Church, (USA). It also covers many other topics associated with sexual orientation, including reparative therapy, suicide among gay and lesbian youth, homosexuality in the natural world, etc. Unlike almost all other books which take either a liberal or conservative approach, this book attempts to explain all viewpoints objectively. An amazing accomplishment by a group of mainline Protestants who held and still hold diverse views on GLBT issues.

A book by an author of three books and two hundred articles on the intersections of religion, sexuality, and law:

book cover image Jay Michaelson,"God vs. Gay?: The Religious Case for Equality," Beacon Press, (2011) Review and/or order a copy.  We deviate from our usual policy by recommending a book that we have ordered but not actually read. Still, the reviews are overwhelmingly positive.

Product description by

"The myth that the Bible forbids homosexuality—the myth of 'God versus Gay'—is behind some of the most divisive and painful conflicts of our day. In this provocative, passionately argued, and game-changing book, scholar and activist Jay Michaelson shows that not only does the Bible not prohibit same-sex intimacy, but the vast majority of its teachings support the full equality and dignity of gay and lesbian people, from the first flaw it finds in creation ('It is not good for a person to be alone') to the way religious communities grow through reflection and conscience. In short, Michaelson observes, religious people should support equality for gays and lesbians—not despite their religion, but because of it.
With close readings of the Hebrew Bible and New Testament, the latest data on the science of sexual orientation, and a sympathetic, accessible, and ecumenical approach to religious faith, Michaelson makes the case that sexual diversity is part of the beauty of nature and that the recognition of same-sex families will strengthen, not threaten, the values religious people hold dear. This is an important book for anyone who has wrestled with questions of religion and homosexuality: parents and pastors, believers and skeptics, advocates of 'gay rights' and opponents of them. Whatever your views on religion and sexual diversity, God vs. Gay is a plea for a more compassionate, informed conversation—and a first step toward creating one.

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A book by an evangelical pastor "letting the truth win the devastating war between Scripture, faith and sexual orientation:"

Book cover image R.D. Weekly, "Homosexianity," Create Space, (2009). Review and/or order a copy. customers gave this book a 5 star rating -- the maximum possible.

Product description by

"How does sexual orientation and gender identity fit into Christian theology and culture? Are people born gay? Are members of the HBIT (Homosexual, Bisexual, Intersexual, and Transsexual) community outside of God's grace? Does God bless same-sex unions? If you are struggling to reconcile your faith and sexual orientation or gender identity, or are a family member, friend, co-worker, neighbor, or spiritual leader of members of the HBIT community (and everyone is, whether they realize it or not), know that God has provided the answers that you need. From Genesis to Revelation, Pastor R. D. Weekly uncovers the biblical witness. This riveting exposition will bring peace to your soul, and equip you to effectively minister to members of the HBIT community from a spirit of love and truth."

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A book by a professor at San Francisco Theological Seminary, and past moderator of the Presbyterian Church, USA.

book cover image Jack Rogers, "Jesus, the Bible, and Homosexuality, Revised and Expanded Edition: Explode the Myths, Heal the Church," Westminster John Knox, (2009). Review and/or order a copy. Amazon customers gave the book a 4 star rating -- unusually high for such a controversial topic.

Three reviews by academics:

"The book is masterful at describing how the church can learn from its past struggles in moving forward beyond the current divide. Rogers issues a prophetic and persuasive call for a more inclusive and more faithful church." —Jeffrey S. Siker, Professor & Chair, Department of Theological Studies, Loyola Marymount University

"A valuable book has gotten even better in this new revised edition. Rogers' new prefatory relating of particular stories is compelling, the appendix draws important information together from other denominations, and the new chapter 8 will be useful to many. I strongly recommend this book." —J. Philip Wogaman, Professor Emeritus of Christian ethics, Wesley Theological Seminary, and former senior minister at Foundry United Methodist Church in Washington, D.C.

"Rogers is more than a professor. He is one of the great evangelists of our time. He has heard the good news of God's love for all people, and he has given his life to sharing that news with others. This is a book that saves lives." —Ted A. Smith, Assistant Professor of Ethics and Society, Vanderbilt Divinity School

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A book on how the military's Don't Ask, Don't Tell policy was overcome. The techniques used may be helpful in other drives towards equality:

Book cover image  Dr. Aaron Belkin, author, "How We Won: Progressive Lessons From the Repeal of "Don't Ask, Don't Tell," Kindle eBook edition. Read reviews or order this eBook safely from online book store

Amazon's product description:

"... In "How We Won," Aaron Belkin argues that the public needed to be persuaded that gay troops would not harm the military before Congress could be convinced to repeal the ban. Belkin, a scholar with more than a decade of hands-on experience in the repeal campaign, shares an insider's perspective on the strategies that he and others used to encourage this change of mind -- and change of heart -- in the American people and its Congress. His top strategy, a tactic which, surprisingly, progressives often fail to pursue, was targeting conservative lies.

The implications of Belkin's tactics extend far beyond the grass-roots movement to repeal 'don't ask, don't tell'. They challenge some of the left's most conventional wisdom about how to successfully set social policy. And the lessons that emerge could help progressives persuade the public about the merits of other big, liberal ideas, including the benefits of higher taxes and the dangers of an excessively strong military.

But for now, as Belkin says, it's time to celebrate this one great victory."

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References used:

  1. "Gay-straight alliances," at:
  2. "Sexual orientation and school policy," at:

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