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Judaism and homosexuality


Reform Judaism

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bullet "...if there is anything at all that Reform Jews do, it is to create an inclusive spiritual home for all those who seek the solace of our sanctuaries. And if this Movement does not extend support to all who have been victims of discrimination, including gays and lesbians, then we have no right to call ourselves Reform Jews." FAW, Soc.Culture.Jewish Newsgroups

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Organizations within Reform Judaism:

Reform Jewish rabbis and congregations in the U.S. are linked to one of two national organizations:

bullet The Central Conference of American Rabbis (CCAR) is the largest group of rabbis in the American Reform tradition. Their membership includes about 1,800 rabbis who serve over 1.5 million Reform Jews. They have gradually taken a increasingly inclusive approach to homosexuality. On 2000-MAR-29, they overwhelmingly approved a "Resolution On Same Gender Officiation" giving rabbis the option of presiding at gay and lesbian commitment ceremonies if they wish.


The Union of American Hebrew Congregations (UAHC) is an umbrella group representing 860 Reform synagogues across the US. They have stated that: "In accordance with the teaching of Reform Judaism that all human beings are created 'Betselem elohim' (in the divine image), Reform Judaism has strongly condemned discrimination on the basis of sexual orientation."

They have "been in the vanguard of the support for the full recognition of equality for lesbians and gays in society." In 1993, they noted that "committed lesbian and gay couples are denied the benefits routinely accorded to married heterosexual couples"; they resolved that full legal equality for lesbians and gays requires legal recognition of their relationships. 

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Groups covered in this section:

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