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The Lutheran Church of Australia and Homosexuality

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The denomination's Commission on Social Questions prepared a church statement on homosexuality which was adopted in principle by their General Synod in its 1975 convention. It was adopted in its final wording by the Commission in 1975-NOV.

The statement:

bulletdifferentiates between homosexual orientation (which they term sexual propensity) and homosexual behavior
bulletconsiders homosexual orientation to be beyond the control of an individual.
bulletaccepts the Kinsey 7 point rating scale, which recognizes exclusive heterosexuality, exclusive homosexuality and 5 intermediate points.
bulletclaims that there is little or no evidence that it is genetically caused. (The currently available research data concerning inheriting a gay orientation was unknown in 1975. They attribute the cause to early childhood parenting influences.)
bulletacknowledges that treatment or punishment of homosexuals with the intent of producing change is not productive.
bulletcomments: "...the homosexual quickly learns secrecy, shame, fear, guilt, and loneliness. If his homosexuality becomes known, he may be made to feel the hostile rejection of family and friends, employers, and even the church. The alienation of the homosexual from society, may cause him/her to seek friendship and sexual gratification with other homosexuals, and may result in short-term or promiscuous relationships."
bulletstates that the Bible is silent on homosexual orientation.
bulletconcludes that the Church cannot "condemn or judge" homosexual orientation. However, homosexual behavior is against the will of God. All gays and lesbians must practice abstinence.
bulletrejects the social tendency towards tolerance of homosexual behavior.
bulletcompletely accepts gays and lesbians "into the people of God."

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  1. "Homosexuality," at: http://www.lca.org.au/csbq/pdf/homosexuality.pdf

Copyright 1999, 2000 by Ontario Consultants on Religious Tolerance
Latest update: 2001-MAY-8
Author: B.A. Robinson

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