Reparative Therapy & Gay Affirmation
Therapy etc. for the LGBT community


Attempting to calm distressed gays,
or trying to convert gays into ex-gays.

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  • Dr. Robert Spitzer (1932-2015) was a psychiatrist and professor of psychiatry at Columbia University. He played a major role in the development of the Diagnostic and Statistical Manual of Mental Disorders (DSM). Referring to persons with a homosexual orientation, he said:

    "They have a choice whether to go into therapy, about whether they adopt a gay lifestyle, whether they tell their friends and their family. They don't have a choice as to whether their basic sexual orientation is gay or straight -- that they don't have a choice about."

  • Dr. Spitzer's responded to a question posed in Scientific American Mind magazine in 2004-FEB: "Do gays have a choice?" 7

"Presumably to "adopt a gay lifestyle" means for a person to choose to be sexually active with member(s) of the same sex rather than to be celibate for the rest of their life, living without an intimate partner."

  • Felix Kalu co-founded Freethinkers Association for Social Transformation (FAST), a NGO in Enugu, Nigeria. He posted the following comment on his Facebook page, and asked that it be shared:

    "Homosexuality is not 'curable.'..."

    "The truth is this: When you ban people from loving and marrying who they want to love and marry, they marry who you present to them even when they don't love your choice for them....."

    "If you are gay, there will NEVER be a time you will be an ex-gay. Though you may decide at some point to stop having gay sex, or maybe you're currently celibate. That is obtainable. But the fact remains that your default setting is that you're gay. No matter how many years you quit having gay relationships you will still be gay... It is not about your libido. It is your entire personality.

    Marriage to the opposite sex CANNOT make a homosexual person become heterosexual. ..."

    "You're gay and there's nothing you can do about it. You did not become gay, you're just gay all by yourself. People don't become gay because a same sex person touched their sex organ, that may be your first experience but that wasn't a kind of conversion. It only called out what has always been there. If you are not gay even if you at some point have a sexual encounter with a same gender person your sexual inclination remains the same after the encounter, no matter how many times it happened.

    Homosexuality is way beyond just having sex with [a person of] the same sex. That is why no matter how many times a gay person has sex with the opposite sex, his sexual orientation remains unchanged."

  • The American Academy of Pediatrics, a group with over 60,000 pediatricians) said, "Reparative therapy is never indicated ... and can be harmful." See: Times-Call, 2017-APR-06, at:

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Mental health therapies directed at at gays and lesbians:

The two main types of therapy or counseling directed at gays and lesbians -- and to a lesser degree -- bisexuals:

bullet Gay Affirmative Therapy (GAT) directed at helping gays and lesbians accept their sexual orientation. We will only discuss this briefly.
bullet Reparative therapy (a.k.a. Conversion Therapy, Sexual Orientation Change Effort, SOCE, or Transformational Ministry) programs. These often imply that they can change a gay's or lesbian's sexual orientation. However, their programs are actually directed at changing clients' sexual behavior. Clients with a homosexual orientation are urged to remain celibate without an intimate partner for the rest of their lives. Clients with a bisexual orientation are urged to choose to restrict their sexually active relationships only to members of the opposite sex. Almost all of the essays in this section discuss these topics.

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Topics on counseling and therapy in this section:

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Related essays & menus on this web site:

bullet Main menu about homosexual and bisexual orientation

bullet Statements by professional groups etc. about homosexuality.

bullet Religious beliefs of ex-gay and similar ministries about homosexuality

Important external links:

bullet Mark Benjamin, "My gay therapy session:" A reporter pretended to be gay and received an introductory session of reparative therapy by a Christian counselor. The cost to "either turn straight or get significant relief" would be $14,560. See:

Erik Kluzek, a board member of PFLAG Boulder County in Colorado: "Conversion therapy is harmful and should be stopped," Times-Call, 2017-APR-06, at:

bullet star Nick Duffy, "All the medical organisations who think gay cure therapy is bulls**t ," Pink News, 2018-JAN-03, at:


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