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Domestic partnerships in Washington State

2009: Groups supporting and
opposing Referendum 71. Part 2

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This topic continues from the previous essay

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Groups supporting Referendum 71 (Cont'd): 1

National Organization for Women, Seattle Chapter
National Women's Political Caucus of Washington
New Americans Action Fund
One America
Open Arms Community Church
Organization for Research and Learning
Organization of Chinese Americans of Greater Seattle
Out In Tacoma
Pacific Northwest Reconciling Ministries Network
Peace and Justice Action League of Spokane
People for Peace
People For the American Way
PFLAG Bellevue/Eastside
PFLAG Bellingham
PFLAG Everett/Snohomish
PFLAG Friday Harbor
PFLAG Kitsap
PFLAG Lower Columbia
PFLAG National
PFLAG Olympia
PFLAG Seattle
PFLAG Skagit/Sedro-Woolley
PFLAG Southwest Washington
PFLAG Spokane
PFLAG Tacoma
PFLAG Walla Walla
Pierce County AIDS Foundation
Pinay Sa Seattle
Planned Parenthood Votes! Washington
Pride at Work
Pride Foundation
Puget Sound Alliance for Retired Americans
Puget Sound Chapter
Queer Foundation
Queer Kidz
Queer Sounds
Raising Our Asian Pacific American Representation
Religious Coalition for Equality
Richmond Beach United Church of Christ
Safe Schools Coalition
Seattle First Baptist Church
Seattle Gay News
Seattle Men's Chorus
Seattle Metropolitan Elections Committee
Seattle Out and Proud/Seattle Pride
Seattle Police Officers? Guild
Seattle University Outlaws
Seattle Women's Chorus
Secular Jewish Circle of Puget Sound
SEIU Healthcare Local NW
Senior Services
Snohomish County Democrats
Society of Social Work Leadership in Health Care
South Asian Bar Association of Washington (SABAW)
Spokane GLBT Film Festival
Tacoma Lesbian Concern
Tacoma Rainbow Center
Tacoma Social Justice
Tacoma United for Fairness
Teamsters Local 11746
Temple B'nai Torah
Temple Beth Am
Temple Beth Or
Temple De Hirsch Sinai
Three Dollar Bill Cinema
UAW Local 4121
UFCW Local
Unitarian Universalist Church of Spokane, Pride Team
Unite Here Local
University Christian Church
University Unitarian Church
Urban League of Metropolitan Seattle
Vancouver Firefighters Union IAFF Local
Vancouver United Church of Christ
Vista Youth Center
Washington Association of Churches
Washington Bus
Washington Coalition of Sexual Assault Programs
Washington Community Action Network
Washington Education Association
Washington Gender Alliance
Washington Low Income Housing Alliance
Washington State Bar Association
Washington State Coalition Against Domestic Violence
Washington State Council of Fire Fighters
Washington State Democrats
Washington State Holocaust Education Resource Center
Washington State Labor Council
Washington State Nurses Association
Washington State Psychological Association
Washington State Senior Citizens' Lobby
Washington State Stonewall Democrats
Westside Unitarian Universalist Congregation
Whatcom Human Rights Task Force
Women's Funding Alliance
Woodland Park United Methodist Church
Young Democrats of Washington
YWCA Clark County
YWCA Kitsap County
YWCA Pierce County Ballotpedia states that additional groups supported R-71 are:

bulletBoeing, Microsoft, Nike, Puget Sound Energy, RealNetworks and Vulcan Development.
bullet The Greater Seattle Chamber of Commerce, Urban League of Metropolitan Seattle, Washington State Bar Association, and the Washington Association of Churches.
bullet The Seattle City Council approved a resolution urging voters to approve Referendum 71. 2

The Seattle times went on record as supporting R-71. In an editorial on 2009-OCT-02, they stated:

"The Seattle Times strongly endorses voter passage of legislation to expand rights for registered domestic partners. The law, already adopted by the state Legislature and signed by Gov. Chris Gregoire, takes effect after a majority of voters mark 'Approved.' At the heart of R-71 is an earnest desire to preserve families and equally protect children and adults in all committed relationships — in essence, to better take care of themselves. ..."

"Referendum 71 is about loving couples — our relatives, friends and neighbors — who own property, operate businesses and take care of their children. State law, as now written, makes that harder to do."

"Approve R-71, for fairness and equality for all Washington families." 3

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Groups opposing Referendum 71:

Washington Values Alliance (WAVA) and the Protect Marriage Washington PAC

Faith and Freedom Network and the Faith & Freedom PAC

The Christian Coalition
Concerned Citizens of Pierce County
The Constitution Party of Washington State
Council 1379 of the Knights of Columbus
Facts for Freedom
The Reagan Wing - Doug Parris
Washington Eagle Forum
Washington Opposed to Pro-Homosexual Policies
Washington Republican Liberty Caucus
Washington Values Alliance
YWAM & US Renewal

The Chronicle newspaper went on record as opposing R-71 because they regard it as a stepping stone towards same-sex marriage. On 2009-OCT-19 they stated in an editorial:

"Three years ago the state Supreme Court upheld, with a 5-4 vote, the [state] Defense of Marriage Act (DOMA). It is likely that if Ref. 71 passes, the state’s high court would overturn DOMA and allow the state to begin issuing marriage licenses to same-sex couples. Ref. 71 is much more than an expansion of civil union rights for same-sex couples. It is about same-sex marriage in Washington state. We continue to believe that marriage should be reserved for one man with one woman. Vote no on Ref. 71." 4

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References used in this essay:

The following information sources were used to prepare and update the above essay. The hyperlinks are not necessarily still active today.

  1. "Approve REF.71," Washington Families Standing Together, at:
  2. "Washington Referendum 71 (2009)," Ballotpedia, at:
  3. "Approve Referendum 71 in the name of fundamental fairness for all Washington families," Seattle Times, 2009-OCT-02, at:
  4. "Our views: Yes on Initiative 1033, No on Ref. 71," The Chronicle, 2009-OCT-10, at:
  5. PAC Organizes to Gather Signatures for Referendum 71!," Washington Values Alliance, 2009-MAY-15, at:

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Copyright © 2009 to 2011 by Ontario Consultants on Religious Tolerance
Original posting: 2009-SEP-27
Latest update: 2011-NOV-13
Author: B.A. Robinson

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