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suicideThe tem "LGB" refers to lesbians, gays and bisexuals --
individuals with the most common minority sexual orientations.

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Note: Many of the essays linked to this menu were initially written many years ago and
continually updated since with new data. Many use the term "homosexual" as one of three
sexual orientations considered normal and natural for a minority of adults by most human
sexuality, mental health and medical professionals, and as a disordered state by some
conservative religious groups.

suicideSince then, the word has become a hate/snarl word within some groups.

It is not intended to be a derogatory term here, and in the rest of this web site.
We use the term in its medical sense, like heterosexual and bisexual.
In new essays we will use terms like lesbian, gay, LGB, and LGBT.

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Topics covered in this section are:

bullet Terminology:
bullet Definitions and interpretations of the term "sexual orientation"

bullet Lesbian/gay terminology: meanings, use, and origins of terms

bullet Meanings of the word "homophobia"
bullet What people actually believe:

bullet Six common viewpoints by religious folks about homosexuality
bullet About homosexuality:

bullet Brief quotations

bullet Beliefs about the nature of homosexuality

bullet Why no accurate estimate exists of the number of gay/lesbian/bisexual adults in the U.S

bullet Attempts to estimate the percentage of LGB adults. Implications Part 1  Part 2

bullet When in a person's life is a person's sexual orientation determined?

bullet What determines sexual orientation? <<< This is a big section

bullet Is it changeable or fixed; normal or abnormal?

bullet Is same-gender sexual behavior moral or immoral?

bullet Is it beneficial to society?  Should homosexuals have equal protection?

bullet Suicide rates among gay and lesbian youth

bullet Is there a connection between sexual orientation and gender identity?;

bullet Preventing homosexuality

bullet Same-sex parenting, foster parenting, and adoption

bullet Sexual, abortion and other definitions used by religious & social conservatives

bulletAbout bisexuality, the third sexual orientation:

bullet A unique sexual orientation

bullet Other topics:

bullet Can differences in belief be resolved through dialog?

bullet Statements by professional groups and researchers about homosexuality

bullet Statement by the American Psychological Association in 2007

bullet Suggested usage of homosexual terminology in reports, essays, etc


Public opinion polls (U.S. and Canada) <<< This is another big section


Emails that we have received, with our responses

bullet This webmaster's personal opinions on homosexuality/bisexuality

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