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Doomsday faith groups

Part 2 of 3 parts
Year 2000 to 2013: The House of Yahweh
faith group located in Abilene, TX:

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2003 to 2008: Legal difficulties:

In 2003, a child was subjected to surgery on her infected leg. The operation was performed by her mother and another member of the House of Yahweh within the compound. The child died. Both women were subsequently charged and convicted of injuring a child. 1

In 2006, a pregnant member was prevented from going to a hospital as she was about to give birth. She bled to death. Her husband subsequently filed a wrongful-death lawsuit. 1

Both of these deaths may have been caused by a fear of contagion from the outside world which prevented members of the House of Yahweh from obtaining medical services from outside of the group.

During 2008-FEB, Yisrayl Hawkins was arrested and charged with:

"... performing polygamous weddings and forcing about 40 children -- some as young as 11 [years of age] -- to work jobs at his 44-acre compound.

His bail was initially set at 10 million dollars but was later reduced to $100,000. 1

Shane Deel. the District Attorney of Callahan County, TX commented:

"If a bunch of adults want to get together and follow some con man and throw their lives away, that's their right in this country. But to me, when you do that to children and they don't have a chance, that's where the biggest concern is." 1

Founder and leader Yisrayl Hawkins pleaded guilty to child labor violations, He was sentenced to probation and six months of community service. The bigamy charges were dropped. 2

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2006: Another end of the world prediction:

The House of Yahweh issued a news release in 2006-AUG stating that nuclear war would begin on 2006-SEP-12. They predicted that the war would start in the vicinity of the Euphrates River. Leader Yisrayl Hawkins said that the countdown to the nuclear war began with the signing of the Oslo Accords on 1993-SEP-13. He interpreted the Book of Daniel as stating that this is a seven year agreement but would take 14 years to be fully carried out. He interpreted Revelation as implying that nuclear war will begin a year, a month and a day prior to the end of the Oslo agreement. Hawkins posted a video clip on that explained his predictions. 3 As for thousands of predictions by various people and groups in the past about the end of the world, this prophecy also failed.

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2009: Excerpts from TV programs about the House of Yahweh:

Participants in this 6 minute excerpt from an episode of the Dr. Phil TV program discuss whether the House of Yahweh can be legitimately classified as a "mind control cult." It was uploaded on 2009-JUN-08 to You Tube, along with other excerpts from the same program:


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2013: This is a 14 minute video about the House of Yahweh:

It was uploaded on 2013-APR-29 by Armenda Buck, apparently from a program on the Arts and Education (A&E) cable channel dealing with mind control:


It is impossible for us to verify the accusations made by individuals in these videos.

Numerous other videos from this network can be found by doing a search on for A&E "House of Yahweh"

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2013: Their prophecies continue:

The 2013-JUL issue of the House of Yahweh magazine, The Prophetic Word, stated that:

"... rebellion is bringing the world to death and destruction. There is no love left among the nations or peoples. There exist only competition, frustration, hatred, fighting, divorce, and war. These evils all come from the religions that lead the people. ..."

Iniquity is doing away with or changing Yahweh’s Laws that guide one away from sickness, defilement, disease, confusion, fighting and war. The words that describe it fully are sorceries and witchcraft.

Even worse, witchcraft and sorcery ... claim the Savior and Apostles did away with Yahweh’s Laws, when it is they. They are still doing away with Yahweh’s Laws today."  6

Unfortunately, the term "witchcraft" has multiple meanings. It is not known whether the magazine is referring to witchcraft:

  • as mentioned in the Hebrew Scriptures, which involved females issuing verbal curses to harm or kill people, or

  • as mentioned in the Christian Scriptures, which involved persons who used poisons to kill people,

  • as the Catholic Church taught centuries ago, which involved mostly women who worshipped Satan and committed evil magick, or

  • as is used by the modern-day Neopagan religion of Wicca to refer to their members who are prevented by the Wiccan Rede to do no harm, who worship a Celtic Goddess and God, and who do not recognize the existence of Satan. or

  • as a general-purpose snarl word.

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References used:

The following information sources were used to prepare and update the above essay. The hyperlinks are not necessarily still active today.

  1. "House Of Yahweh: A Darker Sect Than FLDS," CBS News, 2008-MAY-13, at:
  2. Travis Gettys, "Woman fights to keep children away from husband and his restrictive House of Yahweh religious sect," Raw Story, 2015-SEP-17, at:
  3. "Nuclear War begins September 12, 2006," You Tube, 2006-AUG-28. No longer available, for obvious reasons.
  4. Saran Qabal Ahmath, "Dr. Phil House of Yahweh Cult 3," You Tube, 2009-JUN-08, at:
  5. "Mind Control A&E #2," You Tube, Uploaded 2013-APR-29, at: The You Tube page for this video has links to many other critical videos on the House of Yahweh.
  6. "Witchcraft & Sorceries: More than you could ever imagine," The Prophetic Word, 2013-JUL, at:

Additional information is available at:

  • Richard Horn & Loretta Fulton, "House of Yahweh may be Breaking Foodstamp Law", Article: Abilene Reporter-News, 1996-APR-14. See:
  • Jody Beard, "House of Yahweh Member Responds", Article: Abilene Reporter-News, 1996-APR-18. An elder of the Church states that alleged irregularities in the Abilene group do not exist. See"

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Copyright 2016 by Ontario Consultants on Religious Tolerance
Originally posted: 2016-FEB-03

Latest update: 2016-FEB-04
Author: B.A. Robinson

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