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A short, powerful, essay donated by Susan Humphreys

Words hurt!

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Words Hurt!

What a day. Today a 12 year old girl was buried. She was bullied to death. One if not her last comment was to the effect -- I don’t have the exact quote -- “When will people learn that words hurt?”

Another mass shooting in America. This time at the Naval Yard in Washington D.C., 12 dead plus the gunman. We may never know what set off this shooter. Did words hurt him and cause him to strike back? When will the pro-gun folks admit that guns hurt people and publicly agree to sensible gun laws? Words hurt.

The U.N. declared the gas attack in Syria that killed all those people was a war crime. The regime continues to claim they are fighting terrorists, not their own people.  Words of denial lead to unspeakable horrors. Words hurt.

Today how many children around the world died from starvation? Starvation brought on by: natural disasters, greed and corruption of government officials, over population—too many babies being born because women either don’t have access to birth control or their priest or the Pope tells them it is against God’s plan to use birth control. Words hurt.

Today homosexuals somewhere were told that God hates homosexuals and that they are unworthy of the right to marry. Words hurt.

Today somewhere a Christian declared that only Christians are worthy of salvation, that only Christianity is the TRUTH all other religious doctrines are lies. Words hurt.

How many more children have been bullied? Words that are lies, words that are insensitive, words of denial, words of hate, ...

The girl’s mother asked -- again I don’t have the exact quote -- “Where do these people learn to hate?” Words hurt.

References used:

For information about this case of bullying, see:

  1. Don Dahler, "12-year-old's suicide spotlights cyber-bullying threat," CBS Evening News, 2013-SEP-14, at:

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First posted: 2013-SEP-17
Latest update: 2013-SEP-17
Author: Susan Humphreys

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