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About religious web sites generally:

There are literally millions of religious web sites on the Internet. On 206-MAY-07, the Google search engine found:

bullet 1.4 billion references to "God;"

bullet 1.3 billion references to "Christian"

bullet 711 million references to "religion;"

bullet 512 million references to "Jesus;"

bullet 372 million references to "Islam;"

bullet 33 million references to Judaism;"

bullet 10 million references to "Wicca."

Unfortunately, religious web sites often exhibit a vey narrow focus:

  • Many focus on the teachings of one religion or even on one faith group within a religion, and present them as absolute truth.

  • Many have as their purpose the promotion of the faith and beliefs of the webmaster or sponsoring agency -- often excluding and sometimes distorting all opposing points of view.

  • Many have as their goal the conversion of their visitors' beliefs to those of that faith group.

About this web site:

Our site is one of the few exceptions. We don't care what your religion is. We only care about whether you are willing to be religiously tolerant -- that is to accept the right of other folks to freely and openly follow their own spiritual path even if it is very different from your own, and even if you feel it contains zero truth.

In this web site, we try to:

bullet Explain objectively all of the major religions of the world;

bullet Explain all points of view on controversial religious and moral topics, like equal rights for homosexuals, abortion access, spanking children, etc.

bullet Promote religious tolerance: treating others fairly and with respect, no matter what their religion.

About the webmaster:

The webmaster is very fortunate to have been able to convert his life-time interest in religion into a full-time pursuit at retirement.

He is a "NOTA" (A "None Of The Above"; one person in the rapidly growing minority in North America who is not affiliated with a specific religion). Unlike almost all other webmasters of religious web sites, he is not committed to promoting a single faith group. He believes that he has at least some level of objectivity when he studies the religious scene.

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Important topics to study:

If you are still interested in exploring more of this website, we have a list of other really important essays -- at least we think that they are key articles. You may not agree.

Latest update: 2016-MAY-07

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