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"Meta-links" and "Mega-sites"

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Major "Meta-links"

bullet has hundreds of special interest sections, including one on "Religion and Spirituality."  See:

bullet Beliefnet is also a very large, multi-faith religious web site. Their statement of principles includes  the goal of helping "people meet their own religious, spiritual and moral needs by providing information, inspiration, community, stimulation and products." See:
bullet The Directory of Religious Centers is maintained by the Pluralism Project at Harvard University. It does not include Christian or Jewish centers, because these can be readily found in telephone directories. But it has almost 3,000 other religious centers across the U.S. See:

bullet Evangelical Resources lists links to conservative Protestant web sites. See:

bullet Internet Sacred Text Archive has descriptions and translations of sacred texts from dozens of world faiths. See:

bullet FacsNet maintains a Religion and Public Life Project which provides "journalists with a better understanding of how faith and religion impact public life in America." See:

bullet The Interfaith Working Group has an excellent index to many dozens of WWW sites dealing with homosexual rights, reproduction rights, separation of church and state, religious diversity, tolerance and freedom, and the radical religious right. It is the best index that we have found on such a diverse group of topics. See:
bullet ReligionSource provides referrals to scholars with specific expertise in certain religion-related areas. It is a free service of the American Academy of Religion, and is available to freelancers, journalism students, scholars, and employees of news organizations. See:

bullet Society Directory is a major directory covering topics from activism to work, including folklore, paranormal, philosophy, relationships, religion, spirituality, sexuality, transgender, urban legends, etc. See:

bullet We Spread the Word contains thousands of hyperlinks sorted by topic, from Apologetics to Webmaster. See:

Other Meta-links:

bullet has a massive database of U.S. non-profit organizations. To get a list of religious groups in a given city, specify "religion" as a keyword, and the city and state. See:

bullet The Pastor's Pointers has many hundreds of links to denominations, news groups, ethical, social action sites. etc. See:

bullet Blue Star's Links To Eternity  is "A Soul Directory," with dozens of links to eclectic sites which feature New Age, mysticism, spirituality, human potential, healing, peace, alternative spiritual communities, etc.

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