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bullet "Dialogue crosses boundaries. Engagement leads to change. Interreligious insight awakes new modes of understanding and practice." From the home page of

bullet "The rainbow's beauty consists of its many hues, and the grandeur of a symphony in its many harmonies and colorations. Unity does not mean uniformity." -- Rabbi J.H. Gelberman, founder of Interfaith.Org

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The world's greatest need:

According to the International Society for Science & Religion, Granada in Spain was a major center of peaceful discourse among followers of Judaism, Christianity and Islam. However, this activity was phased out in the late 15th century.

We feel that the world's greatest need in the area of religion is a re-creation of that center for tripartite dialogue in the form of a Council of Christians, Jews and Muslims. It would promote serious dialogue among those world's religions whose members cause the most religiously-motivated violence, mass murder and genocide. Branches are needed at the international, national, state/province, and local levels. Unfortunately, such a council does not exist.

We have found two activities in this general area. We suspect that both are hopelessly under-funded:

bullet An Academy for Judaic, Christian, and Islamic Studies is located at the University of California, Los Angeles (UCLA). But it appears to keep a very low profile, at least on the Internet. They have produced a book in 1994:  Benjamin J. Hubbard, et al, "The Abraham Connection: A Jew, Christian and Muslim in Dialogue (Church and the World, Vol 6)" Read reviews or order this book safely from online book store. See below for more interfaith book options. Most deal with interfaith relationships and marriages.

bullet The International Scholars Annual Trialogue (ISAT) is a group of academics representing three Abrahamic religions: Judaism, Christianity, and Islam who have been meeting annually since 1989. They hope that a "continuing dialogue can be built, contributing to the 'Dialogue of Civilizations' and a Global Ethic, so desperately needed in today's rapidly globalizing world." See:  A book describes ISAT activity: Leonard Swidler, Ed., "Theoria - Praxis. How Jews, Christians, Muslims Can Together Move From Theory to Practice," Leuven Peeters (1998). Read reviews or order this book

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Interfaith resources covered in this section:

bullet National coordinating groups, books, calendars, a game, and other products
bullet List of links to interfaith groups; individual groups with names starting "A" to "I"
bullet Individual groups with names starting to "J" to "W"

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