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Non-Christian & interfaith religious individuals, support groups and faith organizations

  • Sean Alonzo is an occult fiction writer who has written "works that explore subjects ranging from mythology and occultism to alternative history and secret societies." See:

  • Anglamarke council brought together a small group of rare and gifted people some of whom are accomplished telepathic bio-communicators. Their website includes Guenn Eona's portraits of archetypal interstellar beings, nature spirits and extraterrestrials. See:

  • ATOM, the "Ancient Teachings of the Masters," is described as "the most ancient spiritual teaching known to Man, for the individual, not for the masses." They believe that they can trace their writings back for over 30,000 years. See:

  • Australian handfasting: Cara is the longest serving Pagan religious marriage celebrant in Australia. See:

  • Buddhism Connect disseminates Buddhist teachings via Email at no charge. See:

  • The Church of Servants (TCOS) teaches the religion of Servantism. [Their]...sole purpose is to serve The Lord God. It is not affiliated with any other religion. See:

  • Cultural Expressions is mostly devoted to the Ifa/Orisha/Yoruba culture of Africa. See:

  • "Stuart" created a "tongue in cheek" faith called Doghead Religion, based on the proposition that: "If everyone was as loving as a dog, the world would be a better place." See:

  • The First Mythology is a website by A.W. Sylvester concerning Alchemy, including the Philosopher's Stone, the fountain of youth and other objects long considered myths. See:

  • Genesis of Eden is "a Wisdom encyclopedia in which all the religious traditions from Native American shamanism, through the Goddess and Eastern tradition to the Judeo - Christian - Islamic paths of the book are woven into one stream of gnostic renewal in saving biodiversity."  See:

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  • "God Speaks" is a website published by a prophet whose main mission is to change the media and the hearts of men. See:

  • Gopi Krishna (1903-1984) was an author who has written on Kundalini, higher consciousness and the need for research into mystical experience and the evolution of the brain. See:

  • "Hey waiter ... There's God in my soup," is a website dealing with the Kabbalah -- the mystical branch of the Torah -- the Jewish Holy Book. Author Sam Krause is writing a book about the Kabbalah using humor to facilitate teaching. See:

  • Jonathan Lockwood Hule's Daily Inspirational Quotes: Browse inspirational quotes and motivational articles. Join over 50,000 subscribers for free Daily Inspiration - Daily Quote email. See:

  • Institute of Scientific Illuminism was founded by Alexander Duncan to "promote the serious scholarly study of and research into the life and works of Aleister establish a Journal of Scientific Illuminism (JSI) , etc. See:

  • IntoIslam is an Islamic search engine and directory. See:

  • Ardh Kumbh is a Hindu religious gathering held every six years. It was last held during 2007-JAN/FEB at Allahabad, India. See:

  • The Noosphere Network "invites people to elaborate and to practice a scientifically based spirituality, thus participating to the highest level of Consciousness on this planet." See:

  • "Odyssey of the 8th Fire" is the story of an epic pilgrimage across North America  by people of all colors and faiths, listening to the keepers of wisdom. See:

  • Officers of Avalon is an online discussion group for law enforcement officers and others in emergency services who follow a Neopagan or heathen spiritual path. See:

  • Pagan Pastoral Outreach operates programs and/or has extensive information available about Pagan prison programs, Pagan hospital chaplaincy, Pagan death and dying options, Pagans in the Military, Pagan chaplaincy in universities, pastoral training programs, Pagan ethics, multi faith issues, religious rights and their group's administration. Although a Canadian group, their information has world-wide applicability.

  • Le Peristyle Haitian Sanctuary has a website at:  They sponsor the National African Religion Congress (NARC World), and are located in Philadelphia, PA. They offer spiritual readings, spiritual baths, messages from the loa, religious retreats, ceremonies, literature, as well as cultural and social events.

  • Nana'i Faith is based on the beliefs of first colonizers of Easter Island, as revealed nowadays in their sacred text The Nana'i. See:

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  • PhotoDharma! - zen photos, poetry, art...form is emptiness... See: 

  • Prayers for Special Help "... is a place for people of different backgrounds and faiths to come together to be inspired, encouraged, and to help pray for one another. [You can] explore our collection of prayers and submit your own prayer requests. Together, we can help make the world a more peaceful, accepting, and beautiful place. See:

  • Prophecy Keepers Radio is a project of the White Roots of Peace Indian Council. Their main goal is to collect all the Native People's prophecies, myths and legends together and to compare them with similar prophecies of other Native Peoples worldwide. See:

  • The Raelian Revolution is "the world's largest UFO related non-profit organization." See:

  • Saidham Sola are devotees of Saibaba, whom they worship as God incarnate. They have a temple in India and concentrate on service to the poor. See:

  • The Sathya Sai Organization was founded by Sathya Sai Baba and currently has millions of members. He promotes respect for all religions and for women. See:

  • Shaking of Foundations challenges the reader's ideas and beliefs in order to help them develop their own philosophy of the world. See:

  • Siam Foundation Mega Portal contains reports on a multitude of Thai Cultural and Social projects, including many articles on Buddhism. See:

  • Sikhism: Sujan Singh has written a web site about Sikhism, including topics such as "God in Sikhism" "Marriage," "Life and death cycle," etc. See:

  • Skeptic's Church History promotes an alternative view of Christianity. See:

  • Spiritual Guidance's website contains a resources page contaiing a list of almost 400 spiritual centers and retreats, mostly in North America. They list Buddhist, Christian, Hindu, Jewish, Shaman, Sufi, Taoist, Theosophical and non-sectarian/inter-faith centers and retreats. See:

  • The Spiritualists National Union is an umbrella groups of Spiritualists in the UK. See:
  • The Sree Narayana Kendra propagates the ideals and teachings of Saint Sree Narayana Guru. They work for new social order and world brotherhood based on the principles of One Caste, One Religion, One God for Humanity. See:

  • Tathagata is a South Korean spiritual leader who reached enlightenment at the age of 44. He  travels around the world teaching what he can see through his third eye, the eye of wisdom, a small lump that appeared on his forehead shortly after his enlightenment.

  • has an article titled "Introduction to American Holidays in Classrooms" They describe "ten Federal Holidays ... and numerous holidays besides that are big public celebrations." See:

  • The Universal Life Church (ULC) "... is the only denomination in the world that opens its doors to all, and welcomes all who ask to become an ordained minister." They are completely non-denominational and nonjudgmental. They offers a minister ordination service to perform weddings, baptisms, funerals, and more. See:

  • What You May Discover is an exploration of the universe by an anonymous author who appears to be a Deist, although she/he/they don't mention that religion. Magnificent images! See:

  • Wiccan resources are listed on this site at: wic_reso.htm and wicimpres.htm

  • World Pantheist Movement "aims to provide a spiritual and social "home base" for people who love Nature and the Universe but  do not believe in supernatural entities." See:

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