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Links to religious and other sites

Dating, marriage & relationship services,
financial matters, humor, music,
events, art, prayer requests, and games:

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Dating services,marriage and relationship web sites:

We recommend that you consider your interests carefully. Some dating sites specialize in one wing of a religion only. e.g.: Roman Catholic or evangelical Christian members. Others accept the full diversity within a given religion. In the case of Christianity, this covers an extremely wide range. For still others, the religious diversity of their clients is not really obvious at first glance.

bullet They describe theselves as "... a premier Christian dating site. Meet your Christian match here quickly and safely - Christian dating you can trust!" See:

bullet Top 100 Christian marriage and relationship blogs. This site provides links to 100 Christian blogs featuring "relationship advice, wedding planning, advice, and tips for having a healthy, loving marriage. See:

bullet Other dating services:
bulletA Christian singles network is at:

bulletAnother Christian site is at:

bullet A third Christian site is Christian Crush at: They offer a number of unique advantages, including screening of members, the use of video profiles. It is one of the only Christian dating sites developed by a Christian psychologist.
bulletA Jewish site is at: 

bulletA Mormon site is at:

bulletA Roman Catholic site is at:

bullet A South African chat/dating site featuring live chat rooms, forums, profiles, photos, etc. is at:


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Financial matters:

bulletFinancial help for single mothers: See Most of the agencies listed on this web site appear to help both single mothers and single fathers.

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Religious humor:

Not everyone will enjoy some of this humor; some will be offended.

bulletAbout Ronald Reagan: Bill Freese "Evidence that Ronald Reagan was the Beast of Revelation," at: This is a light hearted correlation between recent events and Revelation, chapters 8 to 18.

bulletCafe Press sells a response to the Jesus vs. Darwin fish wars: the Hey Zeus! fish. See:

bulletChurches ad hoc: a divine comedy is a collection of interesting photographs, mostly of religious buildings by Herman Krieger. Included are some very funny and innovative captions. See:

bullet Dharma the Cat includes cartoons involving Dharma (a cat), Bodhi (his owner) and Siam (a mouse).  Multi-faith interpretations are supplied. See:

bullet Funny and Jewish: Choice humor for chosen people includes jewish humor, jewish satire, parodies, and funny Jewish features. See:

bulletLandover Baptist Church, "where the worthwhile worship, unsaved unwelcome, as Jesus commanded," is a humor site lampooning Fundamentalist Christianity. See: They have "incredible merchandise" for sale, such as T-shirts bearing the message "unsaved" or "Jesus is Gonna Get You," or "Jesus was a liberal Jew."

bulletThe Leviathan is dedicated to "putting the 'fun' back into Fundamentalism." See:

bulletRing of Fire sells a variety humerous religious products:
bulletDarwin fish in the form of car emblems, lapel pins, T-shirts, window decals, etc. See:

bulletFlying Spaghetti Monster flags, pins, iron-on pathes, pendants, etc. See:

bulletInvisible Pink Unicorn pendants, pins and car emblems at:

bullet Unconfirmed Breaking News describes their content as: "... fabricated stories written by dropouts/rejects from journalism schools. They are basically a bunch of idiots that have waaaay too much time on their hands. So whatever you do, don't take any of them too serious, because what they write is typically partial or complete lies from extremely warped minds." See:

bulletThe Virtual Church of the Blind Chihuahua is a semi-serious Christian site at:

bullet The Wittenburg Door, since 1971, has been "a magazine of religious satire" which used:

"interviews, cartoons, satire and sarcasm to challenge the institutional church and hypocrisy. The [Wittenburg] Door became known as the Mad Magazine of the religious world. They took risks, offended people, and lost subscribers with every issue, but they were faithful to their vision."

They are now published by the Trinity Foundation, the watchdog organization which helped Prime Time Live and Inside Edition "blow the whistle on televangelists Robert Tilton, Larry Lea, and W.V. Grant." See:

bulletWauism is the church for everyone. See:

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Spiritual music:

bulletBalaam's Burro features a "... light-hearted yet reverent collection of ditties for vocalist(s) who don't take themselves too seriously" at:

bulletChristian Gospel Music Lyrics features "Gospel, contemporary, worship, and rock" music. See:

bulletGospel Music Lyrics features Gospel music lyrics and Christian song lyrics. You can listen, download, and print your favorite Christian hymns. See:

bulletJohn Kawaii has some of his musical compositions available online at: He writes: "When I composed these pieces, I tried to express love, peace and innocence because I believe that music is the universal language that can unite people throughout the world, overcoming any religious, political and cultural barriers. I hope that my compositions bring joy and harmony to your life."

bullet Emerald Rose is an American Pagan/Celtic Folk Rock band from the state of Georgia.  They play "both traditional tunes and original songs derived from the Celtic tradition." See:

bulletMusicChristian sells a wide range of music including choral, gospel, modern worship, inspirational, etc. See:

bullet Jon Watts is a member of the Religious Society of Friends (the Quakers) as well as a prolific songwriter and poet. See:

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Sponsored link:

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Religious events:


Stubzero sells tickets to a wide range of public events. Their religious events are listed at:

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Prayer requests:

bullet provides a FREE online prayer request service for delivery to the Grotto in Lourdes. See: 

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Religious art:

bulletReality-Ize is a website by Jeff Haworth. He features one new creative image on a religious theme each day. Well worth visiting. See:

bulletCrooked Wall features "inspirational, romantic, and angelic art" as well as "photos and prints of some of the great geniuses of our time." See:  They also feature religious art prints and posters from five different religions at:

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Religious games:

bulletCrossDaily has placed a number of games onine:

bulletLarry and the Rumorweed at:

bulletBible Crosswords and Other Word Games at:

bulletChristian Corner Bible Trivia at:
bulletHell Game features a board game of power-struggle and intrigue among the Daemons of Hell. See:

bullet Line for Heaven is an "... Earth-shattering Web 2.0 Social Gathering that Promotes Religious Tolerance through Fun and Games." It is designed like a board game. Those with the most Karma Points may earn a chance to become 'Closer to God." It is open to persons of all religious beliefs. The site was launched on 07/07/07 -- a date that is difficult to misinterpret. See:

bullet WeBelieve2 is an interfaith board game that encourages people to come together and learn about each other's beliefs, hopes and dreams. See:

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