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Other topics: Links that don't fit into other
classifications. They range
from "Airplane
tickets" and "Comparing religions" to
Online Degree courses and
"Live cameras of nature:"

Live camera at Chesapeake Conservancy

A frame grabbed from a live camera

Other topics:


Airplane tickets, cheap:

bullet Astrology4free features relationship compatibility tests, a daily horoscope, biorhythm charts, etc. See:

bullet The Bible Gateway allows you to search many translations of the Bible for verses containing a given word or to view any specific verse. See:


Breastfeeding Tips and Guide describes the benefits of breastfeeding, tips when starting breastfeeding, answers to common questions, links to other resources, and many other topics. See:

bullet Canadian Culture has Canadian news, polls and other features. See:

bullet Car accidents: has a spectacular ananimated infografic that about automobile crashes: when they occurr, there severity, driver age, and driver gender. See:

bullet Clearplay™ is a new type of parental control that gives you access to movies with objectionable material removed. You can choose to delete violent scenes, sensual material, vulgarity, blasphemy, etc. See:

bullet Cremation is a new type of parental control that gives you access to movies with objectionable material removed. You can choose to delete violent scenes, sensual material, vulgarity, blasphemy, etc. See:

bullet On the Richard Cross Home Page "you will find some provocative essays  on music, religion and culture...[by] some revolutionary  characters   who made waves in the arts and religion their own day." See:

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bullet Dad: is a leading source of experience, recommendations, inspiration and advice for dads. See:

bullet Dear God... an ordinary spiritual autobiography is a very personal set of essays. One, titled "Making Love to 'Her' " may not be suitable for non-adults. See:


DeeperLeft is a liberal-leaning group with the motto: "Looking for facts -- You need to look deeper." See:


Depression and Bipolar Support Alliance lists in-person support groups across the U.S. See:


Dino Direct logo DinoDirect is an online store with incredible bargains in an enormous range of products, such as Android Tablets, Laptop Notebooks, Portable DVD Players, Digital Video Recorders,  Car GPS Navigation, Hearing Aids, Soccer Jersey, Car DVD Player, Baby Monitors, Window Curtains, China Wholesale, Spy Cameras, Wedding Dresses,     Electronic Cigarettes,  Bluetooth Stereo Headsets, LED Light Bulbs, Bluetooth Headsets,  MP3 Players, Cell Phones, Wii Sensor Bars.... Their home page is at:

bullet DressSale is a website that specializes in wedding dresses, other wedding apparel, and formal dresses. See:

bullet Diversity within organizations: Ohio University publishes a very informative article on "Building More Diverse Public Organizations and Businesses."

bullet DNA: Andras Gabriced analyzed many companies that analyze DNA for a fee to find which is the most accurate. See:


star Education, online:

bullet Emotional Competency is a website that discusses the role of emotions in life. See:


Websites promoting employment opportunities:

  • The website has an article describing "Resources for Business Owners with Disabilities" at:

  • Neuvoo is a world-wide organization for job seekers. Their U.S. web site at listed over 3 million jobs, while their Canadian web site at listed 320 000 jobs in Canada during 2015-SEP. Searches are free.

  • Jobbydoo lists job opportunities, both in the U.S. and abroad, including UK, Australia, Germany, France, Italy and Brazil. Their web site collects job vacancies from career sites, job boards and recruitment agencies, and organizes the information to make it accessible and useful. See: for jobs in the U.S., and for jobs in Canada

bullet Exup Inc specializes in supplying building kits " high-threat, hostile, and post-disaster environments." They take all the "... components necessary to build one of our homes and put it into a 40' shipping container.  The container can be sent anywhere in the world...." See:

bullet Fairies: provides a "... resource of information for people interested in Fairies, Folklore, and Mythology." Their site includes articles and stories about fairies, a discussion forum and fairies store." See:

bullet Flooring: Bamboo Flooring advocates the use of flooring "with high sustainability and environmentally sound origins." See:

bullet Forex Trading Strategy is a business directory with lists of websites dealing with information services and many other topics. See:

bullet Free Scrabble Complete has a listing of links to all types of word games and puzzles on the Internet. See:

bullet God exists: An engineer explains why is an online book at:

bullet Good News Blog: According to Newsweek, this blog has "links to stories that are uplifting but not maudlin." See:

bullet Heroic Stories™ tries to restore "faith in Humanity, one story at a time." The document heart warming incidents that show that many people are good and that individual actions do matter. They have a free newsletter. See:

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bullet Home Decorations offers free shipping on a wide range of chandeliers, ceiling fans, house shutters, bath lights, outdoor lighting, etc. See:

bullet Ibiza Holidays: Toibiza is an online guide to plan your Ibiza holidays. Get info on Ibiza Beaches, Ibiza Discos, Ibiza Shopping, Ibiza Sports, Ibiza Eating joints, and affordable Ibiza hotels. Book Ibiza hotels online now and enjoy Ibiza holidays. See:

bullet Identity theft: Andy Michael has written an "Identity Theft Protection Guide: Keep Your Family Safe." See:

bullet The Intercessors is a Christian prayer site that promises to pray to God any prayers that are submitted to them. See:

bullet Internships: DegreeJungle has information available to help community college and university undergrads, seniors, and graduate students who would like to gain practical experience and contacts through internships. See:

bullet Internships: GoodCall has published a guide to finding, applying for, and making th most out of internships. See:

bullet Is God Religious? "is a place where people can publish their beliefs about God and religion and have others vote for them.  The purpose is to spread understanding about the wide variety of beliefs." See: 


Job search: See employment opportunities above.

bullet JungleShop allows its visitors to shop for millions of name brand products at discount prices from thousands of online merchants. See:

bullet Kids.Net.Au is an Australian search engine, just for kids, at

bullet LearnHebrewPod supplies 80 hours of Hebrew audio lessens to help you learn conversational Hebrew online or on your mobile phone. See:

bullet Free legal documents are available from Upcounsel at:

bullet Live video cameras: has a variety of live video cameras showing various nature scenes at:

bullet supplies adult toys and lingerie at:

bullet Magazines and Book Reviews discusses: "All about magazine and books, reviews, critics, and much more." See:

bullet Maljonic's Dreams deals with all aspects of dreams, including dream recall, dreams of past lives, lucid dreams, etc. See:

bullet Many Paths to One Goal? is "a comparative analysis of the major world religions from a Christian perspective" by Ernest Valea. See:

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