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Other Christian sources:

bulletBible Notes at: has general overviews and detailed discussions of the books of the Bible.
bullet The Bible Through Artists' Eyes explores the diverse Christian tradition as expressed in art. See:
bulletCathy's Theosophical Website contains "religious theories and biblical insights. Most of the readings available are contrary to Christian beliefs and unorthodox." See: 
bullet Christian Prayer Center is a website coordinating "Christians praying for Christians. You can submit prayers and receive the comfort from knowing that many other Christians are praying for you. See: 
bulletChristianCafé.com is a "virtual space for single Christians" of all denominations. See: 
bulletDeaf Missions is a Christian mission founded in 1970. They serve people across the United States and Canada, and in more than 50 other countries. Bible visuals produced by Deaf Missions are used by more than 40 different denominational groups. They have translated the Christian Scriptures (New Testament) into the American Sign Language. See: operates two forums:
bulletChristian community: "A growing community of Christians that aren't afraid to tackle the hard questions. We believe that Jesus can meet every need and heal every heart, and that Christianity is rational and defendable."
bulletChristian challenge: "An intellectual group of Christians and skeptics seeking to productively debate the merits of Christianity. Challenge exists to facilitate the removal of pseudo-intellectual obstacles blocking the mind from the truth of Jesus Christ."



GodVine is a conservative Christian website with "family-friendly Christian videos and pictures for inspirationThey also have an online bible, a place to submit prayer requests, etc. See:

bulletHis Grace Creations is a website by Scott McIntyre who appears to be both a conservative Christian and a religious seeker. Very thought provoking. See:

bullet New Guild Studio is a company of four artists who have "completed numerous sacred art projects that range in scope and scale from the design and production of a single chalice to the renovaton of an entire church." See:

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bulletPalestinian Liberation Theology is a grassroots Christian movement which "seeks to provide a holistic vision of God's redeeming activity in the midst of the current reality faced by the Christian community of Palestine and Israel." See:
bulletPartners in Prayer is an "interdenominational non profit organization to provide spiritual support to our schools." They encourage "Churches of all denominations encourage their members to adopt a class and pray for the students and teachers each day." See:
bullet Prayables is "... a free online prayer community that offers women short prayers that reflect a woman's story." See:

bullet Religion Resources Online is "was established ... to combat all of the negative and destructive influences on the Internet. The hope is to help bring religion and change in the lives of people. ... [Visitors] can study and bookmark the Bible, take Bible quizzes, read an uplifting and inspiring verse of the day, and study the scriptures in general." See:

bullet Seraphim is an "... informational portal about angels, specifically covering the Seraphim rank" including their roles in Christianity and Judaism. See:
bulletSearch for the real Jesus: If you need help in distinguishing between reality and legend - or, better still, if you have a contribution to make in this respect - visit the third millennium website and forum  that is hosted by the author of Reality and Legend. As of 2009-AUG, the website is off line and under construction.
bulletThe "...Spiritual founded on the personal religious experience of the Jesus of Galilee." They believe that "Christianity is founded almost exclusively on the personal religious experience of Paul." See:
bulletSpiritual Science Bible Studies considers its mission to be: "To enliven the Old and New Testaments by clear, unbiased thinking that reaches beyond intellectual confinement. Through this type of spiritual thinking we are able to gain a renewed and deeper understanding of Christ and the mysteries of Scripture." See:
bulletVoices Home features the Lord's Prayer in more than two dozen languages, both in text and audio format. See:

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