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Links to religious websites

North American Christian denominations

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Christian Meta-sites

Button Logo Best of the Christian Web maintains a database of thousands of Christian web sites.

Christoindex is an index of links to all of the major Christian denominations. See: has groups of volunteers representing Roman Catholic, Presbyterian, Methodist, Baptist, Lutheran and Anglican churches. You can ask an expert any question on Christianity and get a free answer. See:

AskMeHelpDesk facilitates asking real people questions at no cost. They have hundreds of categories including  religion and spirituality

Official web sites of various U.S. denominations:

For convenience, we sort Christian denominations into four groups: the Anglican Community, Eastern Orthodox churches, Protestant denominations, and Roman Catholicism. This is one of many common classification methods.

It is important to keep in mind that Fundamentalist, other Evangelical, mainline, progressive, and liberal Protestant denominations vary greatly in beliefs, teachings and practices. It is common, particularly among conservative Christian denominations to consider The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints -- the Mormon Church, the Jehovah's Witnesses, and other denominations with unusual teachings to be non-Christian. Meanwhile, it is common for those rejected denominations to consider themselves to be the "true" Christian church.

In general, conservative Christian denominations are growing in number, mainline denominations are shrinking. Overall, the percentage of American adults who identify themselves as "Christian" is steadily dropping. The percentage of Americans who identify themselves as Protestant Christians is at or below 50%.

The approximate size of each church, in millions of members, is listed for large U.S. denominations -- those over a half-million in membership. Data is unreliable, because denominations use different counting methods of varying accuracy. The Christian Science church does not publish membership numbers. Information is taken from the "Largest U.S. Churches, 2010," at InfoPlease: 1

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Official web sites of various Canadian denominations:

Membership numbers, in hundreds of thousands, are given in parentheses. Data is taken from the 1991 census -- the lastest data avaialbe as of early 2011. They will often not agree with membership claims by individual denominations, because the latter use different counting methods of varying accuracy.


  1. "Largest U.S. Churches, 2010,", InfoPlease, at:
  2. Statistics Canada's Internet Site, full URL of source pages, and date of extraction."Population by religion, 1981 & 1991 census," Adapted from Statistics Canada's Internet Site at:, on 2002-JAN-18.

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