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Tools and hints for webmasters

Part 2: Accessing data, useful tools, etc.
for your web site. Some are very helpful!

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This topic is continued from the previous essay

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Useful tools for your web site:

bullet has a wide range of free tools for your web site:

bullet Build tools: A guestbook, counter, web journal, calendar, template gallery, URL redirect, password gate, photo center.

bullet Promote tools: E cards, cartoon, Tell-a-friend, site search, site ring, free links, traffic exchange.

bullet Interact tools: Message forum, vote caster, live chat, mailing list, FAQ service, Email forums, mini-poll, guestmap.

bullet Profit tools: Affiliate program, classified, live person.
bullet offers "one of the largest directories of free webmaster resources, free web hosting, free website tools, and even free e-mail." See:

bullet AddMe sells search engine optimization, search engine submission tools, professionally created website templates, and many free services. See:

bullet Tucows has hundreds of programs available for download. Some are freeware, other require payment. See: One example is  XGrapher 1.4. It is a free program to create attractive graphs. The graph format is easily changed. It can produce a GIF file for inclusion on your website.

bullet Downloads Plaza is another site for downloading a broad range of programs. See:

bullet iPerceptions has a nifty survey creator. By adding a survey to your website, your site visitors can provide feedback. See:

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Count visitors to your website:

If you add a visitor counter, we urge you to include a note saying when the count was last set to zero. It it is more interesting to a visitor to see that you have had 10,000 visitors since 2006-JAN-1, then to see that you have had 10,000 visitors since some unknown date.

bullet has a counter that provides comprehensive statistics at: The first one is free.

bullet SiteMeter offers free and low cost premium counters and statistical data at:

bullet TinyCounter offers free counters with a truly amazing variety of styles from which to choose. See:
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Detect broken links on any web site:

SSB Web Design has an free online link analyzer tool at:

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Count the number of visitors who are currently on your web site:

AddFreeSats provides a small box that can be installed on your home page or on any of your web site's essays, menus, etc. It counts the number of visitors who are currently viewing that location. See:

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Web site statistics:

bullet provides a free statistical service for your web site, listing:

  • The site's global rank. "The rank is calculated using a combination of average daily visitors to this site and pageviews on this site over the past 3 months. The site with the highest combination of visitors and pageviews is ranked #1. It is updated daily."

  • The site's rank in its country of origin.

  • A chart showing the site's global rank over the previous year.

  • A listing of the percent of visitors and the rank in the country for the five countries from which the largest number of visitors come.

  • The bounce rate, daily pageviews per visitors, and daily time on site.

  • The percentage of visits that come from a search engine.

  • A list of the five web site that your site's visitors viewed immediately before coming to your site.

  • The five most popular key words used by your site's visitors in search engines.

  • The total number of web sites that link to your web sites

  • Other web sites that are related to your site.
Alexa provides many fee-based upgrades to their basic services.
bullet Google Analytics is a free program that:
"...shows you how people found your site, how they explored it, and how you can enhance their visitor experience. Improve your website return on investment, increase conversions, and make more money on the web."
It requires a short piece of their code to be placed in each file that you want monitored. See:
bullet WebStats4U provides a free statistical service for your web site, listing the last ten visitors, page views per day over the past four weeks, visitors' country of origin. See:

bullet has a counter that provides comprehensive statistics at: The first counter is free.

bullet SiteMeter offers free and low cost premium counters and statistical data at:

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