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 About U.S. hate groups, and
their listings by the
Southern Poverty Law Center:

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What is a hate group?

Deciding whether a particular group is a "hate group" is a bit of a moving target. It changes with time.

Take marriage in the U.S. as an example. A few decades ago the concept of same-sex marriage was rarely discussed. Probably most adults in the U.S. had never really thought much -- if at all -- about it. Then, on Monday, 1990-DEC-17, three same-sex couples each applied for marriage licenses from the State of Hawaii. 1 About four months later, the Hawaii Department of Health finally refused their request, This set in motion a one-generation long chain of events that culminated on 2015-JUN-27. A ruling by the U.S. Supreme Court on that date legalized same-sex marriages across the entire United States, except for American Samoa. 2

When a given government policy like:

becomes opposed by most Americans in favor of equal rights and/or acceptance, then some people will classify those groups that want to retain the discriminatory policies as hate groups. So, for example, some people do not currently consider the Ruth Institute to be a hate group because the group supports opposite-site marriage or supports the teachings of the Roman Catholic Church. However, they may consider the Institute as a hate group because they want to deny marriage to same-sex couples, in opposition to almost two out of three U.S. adults who favor marriage equality.

The Intelligence Project of the Southern Poverty Law Center (SPLC) monitors individuals and group who discriminate against people seeking equality. It has designated the Ruth Institute to be a hate group. 2

The SPLC has also assessed the web sites listed below as U.S. hate organizations.

We suspect that many North Americans will find the web sites' content to be offensive.

Some will also find this page to be offensive, and something that should not be included in a website promoting religious tolerance.

We provide the information because we feel that it is important to document groups holding unpopular beliefs, many of which are religiously-motivated:

Holocaust denial (a.k.a. revisionist) groups:

bulletBarnes Review / Foundation for Economic Liberty at www.barnesreview.org
bulletCampaign for Radical Truth in History at www.revisionisthistory.org
bulletCommittee for Open Debate on the Holocaust at www.codoh.com
bulletThe Eagle News Desk at www.hometown.aol.com/eaglenewsdesk
bulletFriedrich Paul Berg's 'NaziGassings.com' at www.nazigassings.com
bulletHolocaust Histography Project at http://www.historiography-project.com/
bulletHolocaust Revisionism in English  at www.litek.ws/aaargh/engl/engl.html
bulletInstitute for Historical Review at www.ihr.org
bulletInternational Conspiratological Association at www.conspiratology.com
bulletNoontide Press at www.noontidepress.com
bulletOne Third of the Holocaust at www.onethirdoftheholocaust.com
bulletThe Piper Report at www.mikepiperreport.com
bulletReporters Notebook at www.reportersnotebook.com
bulletThe revisionist Clarion at www.revurevi.net/
bulletThe Revisionist Observer On-Line at http://hometown.aol.com/
bulletRevisionists at www.revisionists.com
bulletThe Sheeple Analyst: The Search for Holocaust Evidence at www.the7thfire.com/
bulletTheses & Dissertations Press at www.tadp.org/
bulletZundelsite at www.zundelsite.org

Active Radical Traditionalist Roman Catholic groups:

bulletCatholic Apologetics International at www.catholicintl.com
bulletCatholic Family News at www.cfnews.org/cfn.htm
bulletCulture Wars /Fidelity Press at www.culturewars.com
bulletFatima Network at www.fatima.org
bulletIn the Spirit of Chartres Committee at www.realcatholicism.net
bulletLegion of St. Louis at www.legionofstlouis.com
bulletOmni Christian Book Club at www.omnicbc.com
bulletThe Remnant Newspaper at www.remnantnewspaper.com
bulletSlaves of the Immaculate Heart of Mary at www.catholicism.org
bulletSt. Joseph Forum at www.stjosephforum.org
bulletTradition In Action at www.traditioninaction.org

Web sites listed as belonging to "0ther" hate groups:

bulletArmy of God at www.armyofgod.com: an anti-abortion access, anti-gay, anti-birth control group.
bulletBamboo Delight Company at www.bamboo-delight.com: an anti-semitic group.
bulletChick Publications at www.chick.com: publisher of tracts opposing abortion access, Catholicism, evolution, homosexuals, Jehovah's Witness, Masonic Order, Mormons, and Muslims.
bulletThe French Connection at www.iamthewitness.com: Anti-semitic
bulletHate Crime Streetware at: http://www.hatecrimestreetwear.com: Racist
bulletKosher Tax at www.koshertax.com: Anti-semitic.
bulletNiggermania.com at www.niggermania.com: Racist.
bulletEntry deleted pending study
bulletThis is Zionism at http://thisiszionism.blogspot.com/: Anti-semitic.
bulletTony Alamo Christian Ministries at http://www.alamoministries.com/: Anti-Catholic
bulletWake up America !!! at http://wake-up-america.net/ Anti-semitic

See also a summary of hate groups, and list of anti-gay, Christian identity groups

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References and notes:

The following information sources were used to prepare and update the above essay. The hyperlinks are not necessarily still active today.

  1. The individuals were: Ninia Baehr, Genora Dancel, Tammy Rodrigues, Antoinette Pregil, Pat Lagon and Joseph Melilio.
  2. People in the territory of American Samoa are generally regarded as American residents, not American citizens. Thus, decisions by the High Court are not necessarily recognized there.
  3. Anon, "Ruth Institute," Southern Poverty Law Center, undated, at: https://www.splcenter.org/

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Author: B.A. Robinson
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