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An essay donated by Sheryl Glick, author of "The Living Spirit""

Journey to personal awareness using our 6th sense

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Journey to personal awareness using our 6th sense:

As a Reiki Master Teacher who has studied the laws of Universal Energy and is aware of the healing potential around and within us, I help my students learn and practice energy work so that they may clear themselves and others of negative energy that causes physical and emotional pain.

As a medium, I receive messages from Spirit through the six psychic “claires”:

  • clairvoyant (perceive events in the future or beyond normal sensory contact),

  • clairaudient (hearing/listening),

  • clairsentient (feelings),

  • claircognizant (knowing),

  • clairegustient (taste), and

  • clairscentient (scent).

Each medium receives information from higher energy differently. They may be stronger in one aspect of communication than another, but as they learn to trust the internal guidance system, they all become aware of higher energy around them that is supporting them, communicating with them, and loving them unconditionally, with no expectations and no judgment. Eventually, and as they are willing to allow it, this energy also teaches them to do the same with the people in their lives.

Assisting my clients and everybody through my writing and sharing workshops, healing sessions, and in everyday encounters with people, my wish is to let them know that we do not require a special gift or sensitivity to tap into this Universal Energy or Divine Force of Creation in order to work on developing our talents, our mind, and our relationships. What we need is to open our hearts and our minds to infinite love.

Let’s consider what infinite love is. As there are only two emotions- love and fear, and ultimately, every perception, action, or behavior we exhibit, reflects one of these emotions or a variation of these emotions when we begin to be aware of how we feel- physically, in any place or in any interaction, we can begin to see that certain interactions enhance our level of feeling vibrate, healthy, alive, joyful, unafraid or courageous. We can then use this feeling of the body to help us make choices from our heart or soul in alignment with our physical needs. At the heart of each person’s soul is the wish to create a wonderful life for themselves and others. It is their birthright and it is only the conditions of the physical world and the fears of survival that separate us from our true nature as divine spiritual beings of enormous human-divine potential.

As a spiritual medium downloading information from a universal field or force of creative life known as the Divine Source, Universal Energy, or God, it is my understanding and belief that consciousness survives physical death and our spirit or soul essence is eternal, taking with it beyond the physical world every memory, every action, every word, and every hope that we had to connect to the people in our life. Every aspect of our physical life is part of a bigger plan leading us to recognize and remember the true purpose of our physical life, which is to remember love.

All people on this planet are sensory beings receiving information from higher energy. Whenever I speak about my work as a medium and receiving information to help someone deal with the loss of a parent, a child, friend, relative, or lover, they often share with me stories where they have felt, seen, heard in a musical piece, or read something that makes them know beyond the shadow of a doubt that their loved one is still around.

Just the other night at a shiva call, the son of the man who had passed, came over to me and said, “Sheryl, I thought of you the other day as I left my father’s funeral, parked my car by my house, and looked down at the odometer. The number read 75,000 and I laughed because my dad’s favorite number is 12.” This young man had never believed in an afterlife and couldn’t wait to share this story with me as an inkling of what he had never thought possible and now seemed a wonderful possibility. Recognizing a connection with someone who has passed, allows us the ability to truly be free of the fear of death or any restriction of the physical world and allows us the ability to boldly take our lives into our hands, take a risk, and create the life the way you really want it.

The reality here and now is to realize that while we have ultimate control over our choices and life decisions, we do not necessarily have any control over the circumstances that occur. In that moment of awareness we achieve a sense of completeness and oneness with Spirit and ourselves that is beyond anything we could ever have imagined!

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book cover image Sheryl Iris Glick, "The Living Spirit: Answers for Healing and Infinite Love," SelectBooks, (2014). Read reviews or order this book safely from online book store. Available in paperback from for $13.56 plus shipping. Average readers' rating: 5 stars, the maximum possible rating.

Author's review:

"I have written The Living Spirit not just for healers, but for anyone who wants to awaken to their soul's mission and to the incredible plan God has for them. It is intended as a compassionate and supportive guide for others beginning their spiritual journey as mediums, psychics, and energy healers or simply for those with questions about who they are, what life is all about, and whether there is indeed life after death. In short, it is the book I wish I had on that night all those years ago.

In gratitude for my spiritual gifts, I made a commitment to live according to the universal laws of energy and to share all I've learned with others.  This includes helping others to conquer their childhood fears and limitations so that their souls can mature. As our souls grow and expand, our physical lives expand and abound in abundance. It is my hope that by reading the personal stories shared by a host of people and those from my daily life, it will become apparent to you that each of us is more than we appear to be. We can transform our selves and our world into a place that reflects the best of our divine gifts. ..."

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Original posting: 2014-JUL-27
Latest update: 2014-JUL-27
Sheryl Glick
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