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Essay donated by a visitor to this web site

"Protecting gender equality
in marriage"
by "KC"

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Webmaster's note:

This is a donated essay that promotes an unusual concept of sexual orientation as applied to marriage.

The author promotes the concept that:

bullet A person with a heterosexual orientation who thus rejects all persons of the same gender as a potential marriage partner is not sexually biased.
bullet A person with a homosexual orientation who thus rejects all persons of the opposite gender as a potential marriage partner is sexually biased.
bullet A person with a bisexual orientation seeking to marry would require two marriage partners: one male and one female.

From what we have been able to find out, this author's beliefs are unique.

KC writes:

Homosexuality is an orientation that causes an otherwise loving person to categorically exclude gender equality and diversity simply because someone is different, in the name of 'love' no less. In fact, they say it is genetic. Similarly, same-race orientation is racial bias. Imagine getting civil rights for genetic, same-race orientation which causes whites to segregate from African-Americans. This is what we abolished over 50 years ago. Thus, why don't we just drop the push to get civil-rights for genetic gender bias (a.k.a. homosexuality) and be content with allowing private, like-minded churches to perform these unconstitutional same-sex oriented weddings.

Bisexuality also includes a gender exclusive orientation and would require 3 people in marriage, unless you force all bisexuals to only accept one partner, give up half of their sexual identity.

Same-sex marriage requires that the complementary gender be used as a second-class concubine, sperm incubator or womb-donor for child birth. For example, a typical white-male-dominated, non-reproductive same-sex couple would collect publicly funded marriage benefits, while the woman who bore 'their' child gets nothing. This is what we call equality?

Heterosexuality is a gender inclusive orientation. This is why Jesus required it in marriage in Mathew 19, etc., (e.g. "let man not separate"). Homosexuality separates and divorces men and women, segregating them by gender partiality or gender phobia even before marriage. In contrast, one man one woman is uniquely inclusive gender diversity and equality. Equality is God's creation!

Conclusion: Let's all strive to be inclusive oriented by resisting same-sex or same-race or same-class orientations and protecting gender equality the way it is found now in traditional marriage. Period.

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Originally posted: 2006-JAN-19
Latest update: 2006-JAN-19
Author: "KC"

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