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2019: Censored children TV shows with LGBT content:

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2019-MAY: Florida TV station refused to broadcast TV Program because it has a wedding scene of a same-sex couple:

Alabama Public Television (APT) refused to broadcast an episode of PBS' show "Arthur" in its 22nd Season because it featured a wedding between two cartoon characters:

The name of the episode was "Mr Ratburn and the Special Someone." Arthur's teacher, Mr. Ratburn was a rat. He married Partrick, a male aardvark.

APT refused to air the episode and showed a re-run instead.

Mike McKenzie, the APT director of programming justified the censorship of the PBS show on the basis that children should be able to watch the show without supervision. He said in a statement:

"Parents have trusted Alabama Public Television for more than 50 years to provide children's programmes that entertain, educate and inspire.

More importantly - although we strongly encourage parents to watch television with their children and talk about what they have learned afterwards -- parents trust that their children can watch APT without their supervision.

"We also know that children who are younger than the 'target' audience for Arthur also watch the programme."

Curiously, all of the opposition to the episode seems to have been based on the sex of the married couple. Both are male. The fact that they were different species, and that the marriage would imply a form of bestiality, did not seem to bother people.

During 2005, APT censored another episode of Arthur because it contained a cartoon character who had two mothers.

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2019-JUN: A children's program on Discovery Family Channel introduced a lesbian couple:

This TV channel features a popular children's PBS program called "My Little Pony: Friendship is Magic."

The 2019-JUN-06 episode featured a lesbian couple consisting of two female ponies, named Aunt Holiday and Auntie Loft.

The website One Million Mums called for the episode to be censored' They received 18,000 signatures in support for its suppresion.

Series writer Michael Vogel who goes by the nickname "mktoon," tweeted:

"Hey hey!!! @NicoleDubuc , @joshhaber and I doin' what we can to bring more EQuality to EQuestria!! .

This generated a lot of negative anti -LGBT comments controversy. He responded with another tweet on JUN-15, saying that on the same program:

Season 2: Cakes give birth, cool
Season 2: Shining Armor and Cadence's Wedding, cool
Season 5: Cadance is pregnant, cool
Season 8: Maud has a boyfriend, cool
Season 9: Scootaloo has lesbian Aunts: "BLASPHEMY! YOU CAN'T BRING SEX INTO KID'S TV! YOU'RE GOING TO HELL!" <SIGH> 2

In contrast, Emily Mee, writing for Sky News, said:

"Substitute teacher Misty Souder, from McCalla, Alabama, said she was disappointed by the decision and would use it to teach her nine-year-old daughter about standing up for minority groups." 2

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References used:

The following information sources were used to prepare and update the above essay. The hyperlinks are not necessarily still active today.

  1. Emily Mee, "Alabama TV station refuses to broadcast Arthur episode over gay wedding scene," Sky News, 2019-MAY-22, at:
  2. Mktoon twitter posting is at:

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Copyright © 2019 by Ontario Consultants on Religious Tolerance
Original posting: 2019-JUN-16
Author: B.A. Robinson
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