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An essay donated by Larry Langston

"What God is not"

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What God is not!

God is not perfect and imperfect at the same time.  God is not a convolution of erratic emotions, thrilled when someone does something good and saddened otherwise.  God is not a separate being who is mostly happy but is known to have spells of jealousy and anger.  Neither is he a separate being who sits on some sort of a throne like a human king and watches his children while judging their behavior.  Nor does he hear prayer and decide which is worthy of his response for whatever reason. (Fear not, the news really is good). He is not a God who changes his mind or is in the slightest influenced based on human action, behavior or pleas.  

God is very responsive to each of us but the universe is based on love and strict Universal Law.  Law only applies to our physical existence and has absolutely nothing to do with our eternal spiritual self which is completely safe and invulnerable throughout eternity. He is not influenced by numbers of humans beseeching him for favors or for some particular action or intervention. 

God is not love and un-love at the same time.  He does not love mankind at one moment and then condemn humanity to everlasting torment at another.  God is not a creator who sees a large percentage of His creation falling into everlasting suffering and then just keeps right on pouring millions more each day into the same horrible situation.  If such were the case, God would be guilty of creating more cruelty, misery and suffering every day than Hitler did in his entire life and such a creator would be the most horrific imaginable.

God is not one who is constantly rotating billions of humans on the earth while leaving the outcome to Satan and humans to determine, during which time God is harvesting the dead to either heaven or hell.

God is not favoring one segment of humanity over another, nor has He ever.  Nor is He saving people by culture or geographical location as one is forced to conclude if we accept what the religions believe. God is not accepting children up to a certain stage of development and then condemning them from that point because of something beyond the young person’s control.  He is not creating humans with an unacceptable (sinful) nature, condemning them for it and then offering to pardon them in exchange for worship or for meeting some specified condition.  He is not one who expects his created beings to find his remedy for salvation from some printed hand-me-down document or from one human passing the word or dogma to another. God is not like some human tyrant of a king who is demanding some ritual or worship to avoid punishment for not doing so.

We have so humanized and maligned both God and love, we ought to be ashamed.  Thankfully, God really is love and there really is good news but it is not to be found in the mainstream religions.

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Copyright © 2011 by Larry Langston
Initial posting: 2011-APR-15

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