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An essay donated by Larry Langston

Does anything exist beyond the physical?

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My belief is that we were obviously not created by random chance or random happenstance. It seems to me that this whole idea of focusing on the physical as the only aspect of existence is rather shortsighted and ridiculous. Likewise the focus on science as the authority on such.

The physical is the mere play of energy and energy is beyond the scope of science. All of physicality is the same stuff, energy vibrating at different frequencies. Yes, science can study that which energy is doing but not energy itself. Science has no clue as to the origin or composition of energy nor will they ever because the Infinite is beyond the scope of the finite.

Science can study and analyze the effects of energy but not energy itself. Science can study and analyze that of which awareness is aware but not awareness itself. Science can study and analyze that which intelligence interprets as the physical but not intelligence itself. All of which is the essence of existence and completely beyond the scope of science, physicality or human understanding. Physicality is merely the composition of elemental particles. The essence of existence is not only beyond composition but beyond comprehension. Science is limited to the study of physical phenomena while the essence of existence is quite beyond the physical.

The physical is absolutely meaningless and insignificant without that which is beyond it. The physical is the finite whereas that which animates and gives it meaning is infinite.

To assume that we are our physical bodies is rather shortsighted, indeed. We are Intelligence/Awareness/Energy, not the mere composition of physical particles.

The physical is merely the dance of Consciousness or the Infinite
and we are IT! (limited aspects, obviously, for the dance).

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Author: Larry Langston. Comments welcome at:

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Originally posted: 2013-AUG-04
Latest update: 2013-AUG-04
Author: Larry Langston

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