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An essay donated by "Crazy Late"

Science does not contradict Christianity.
Life after death.

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An excerpt from "The Book of Counted Sorrows:"

"All of us are travelers lost.
Our tickets arranged at a cost unknown but beyond our means.
This odd intinerary of scenes -- enigmatic, strange, unreal -- leaves us unsure how to feel.
No postmortem journey is rife with more mystery than life."

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I believe science proves all metaphysical belief and explains so much our brains are just not big enough or tough enough to handle it so a whole lot of us turn to the comfort of traditional religion, or a choice to find comfort in money, causes or other things, like vice, rather than face life as it is, other's as they are, and the belief their is no comfort in 'death and taxes'.

I read in a 'Scientific American' article about 20 years ago that the greatest mind in relative and particle physic's of the 20th century (still alive) retired to his remote hillside home to "watch the stars reflect on the wonder of the expanding universe, and his belief it is expanding just because we are here to witness it"...I cannot remember his name, but he was over 80 yrs., a collegue of Einstein, who also died a Christian.

All of life is an unfolding mystery, the life inside of us makes it impossible to 'perish' completely EVER because we are essentially 'Spirit', live charged particles of LIFE!

If I told my life story I'm confident most would find it 'divine'. Nothing at all has happened without so much dramatic tragic perfection. Every choice, loss which were many, and every turn of events has led me to KNOW nothing happened by accident. When I relised this and saw the pattern and wonder of it, I became a Christian in full.

Physics proves nothing is random, and if we look with objective introspection we will all see that truth. Nothing happens by accident. So why not have tolerance and know that each of us billions of 'human particles' are expanding like the universe. Our place of birth, upbringing, religious training experience are tailor made for us, there is one will not die, we will not die, Jesus said, "heaven and earth shall pass away, but my truth will go on forever" , His truth is love, His word is love, but the key word is LOVE. All of us just want to be loved...and we hunger for knowledge.

We are all so very small, single issue religious hatred has no place in God's universe. He/She is making it bigger for us, and even our biggest issues in society are small stuff.

There are many parts to the atom, we're all made of from bosons to quarks, positively, or negatively charged, in the end maybe we won't have to deal with each other anyway, Jesus said "My Father's house has many mansions', and now science knows there are many universe's, so why not just love our enemy with tolerance and let go of the things we cannot ever know and people we definitely cannot change... until we get there...away from the differences we face, and the fear we face for our children, and other loved ones. We are all loved by someone, faith removes fear.

HELL, what is all the fussing and fighting about!!! No Scientist or Christian, Jew, Muslim, Hindu, Buddhist, etc. can know the mind of GOD, be forced to believe in Him/Her, only follow the path the Devine lay before us and not hurt anyone! And if we do inadvertently on our own journey, ask them to forgive...Not start or participate in pursuit of their destruction! I do believe that is not even possible. Christians are asked to love God first and all else will follow. In fact to love God with all our hearts mind, and many do that?

The best word's of wisdom in pop culture are: "Don't sweat the small stuff, and it's ALL small stuff."

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Copyright © 2011 by the author
Originally posted: 2011-AUG-29
Latest update: 2011-AUG-29

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