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The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints (a.k.a.
the LDS C
hurch & the Mormon Church) and homosexuality

2015-NOV-06 to 08: Part 6 of 7 parts:

Protesters hold rally near Temple Square.
Still more reactions to the LDS' policy changes,
that call for manditory investigation of members
in same-sex relationsips, and denial of church
ordinances to their children.

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This topic is a continuation from the previous essay.

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crowd of protestorsProtesters hold rally opposing the LDS Church's policy about children of LGBT parents:

More than 60 people held a small rally outside Temple Square in downtown Salt Lake City, UT. They were protesting the new policies towards same-sex couples and their children as implemented by recent changes to the church's handbook. 1

The rally was organized by Gregory Lucero, who called on the LDS Church to treat "... your brothers and sisters" with dignity and respect. He noted that the changes in policy are the responsibility of the church leadership and that the public should not negatively judge the general Mormon membership for the decisions by the church leadership's. He asked that people:

"... recognize and respect the dignity of those who call themselves Latter-day Saints, who stand with the oppressed, who stand with the child whether they're black, they're brown, they're gay, transgender."

One of the protesters was Professor Dennis Potter, an ex-Mormon, spoke at the rally. He said that the LDS Church is singling out children of same-sex parents and imposing:

"... an arbitrary sanction. ... For example, it doesn't apply to the children of single parents who engage in heterosexual fornication. It doesn't apply to children [of parents] who commit any other type of sin, with the sole exception of the sin of polygamy."

Danielle Warnick also spoke to the croud. She regards herself as nonbinary -- i.e. is a transgender person who does not identify as either male or female. She revealed herself as bisexual -- attracted to both men and women. Danielle said to the crowd that:

"... whether or not you believe Jesus Christ is the son of God, you cannot deny that an organization with his name transcribed on each of their buildings should act in a more Christlike manner. ... no one should feel so hopeless that they commit suicide, but that's exactly the kind of environment that's created by this new policy."

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symbol of disapproval Still more negative and positive reactions to the LDS Church's modified policies:

An angry Jana Riess, writing for the Religion News Service, said:

"In the LDS Church, children born out of wedlock can be blessed, baptized, and approved to serve a mission.

Children born to rapists can be blessed, baptized, and approved to serve a mission.

Even children born to murderers can be blessed, baptized, and approved to serve a mission.

But children born to faithful, loving, monogamous couples in a same-sex marriage or other committed relationship will henceforth be excluded from all three of those things.

It’s heartbreaking for me to see my church drawing this line in the sand, which leaves faithful LGBT members with an impossible choice: they can either be excluded from lifelong love and companionship, or excluded from the blessings of the Church. ..."

"... this policy change makes me furious. It is a betrayal of what we say we believe.

What this means is that a church that says it is all about strengthening the family is demanding that children turn against their parents.

And a church whose core doctrine is that children will not be punished for their parents’ sins is willing to make an exception if those parents happen to be gay." 2

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She did not include naming, comfirmation, an -- for males -- ordination as additional ordinances from which children are now excluded if they happen to have been raised in a family led by same-sex parents.

There were 97 readers of the above article by Jana Reiss's who posted comments. Many identified themselves only with a nickname or initials. 2 Some of the first were:

  • "Tort," posted a comment , saying:

    "One can be upset about the policy but the second article of faith has nothing to do with it. That is about original sin and to broaden it to apply to a general policy that we are punished only for our own sins and not those of our parents (or more broadly, anyone else) is historically inaccurate. Further, that view contradicts scripture.

    The Bible references several times that the sins of the parents will fall on the children. One can disagree with the justice of such, but the Bible is quute clear that it can happen.

  • "Allen" posted:

    "I basically agree with the person who said that this is about keeping members from sympathizing with or accepting gay families.

    I saw this news on Facebook last night and hoped it was a mistake. Now that I know it is not, I am very disturbed. It makes it harder to stay in the church.

    I’ve been struggling with the church recently. Every time I am close to making peace with the organization and find a way to stay, something happens to push me away again."

  • "Kate" posted:

    "As a faithful but often frustrated member of the Church, I always wonder if there will be a last straw for me – and if so, what that last straw will be. This isn’t it, to be sure, but I’m deeply saddened by this new policy; I feel a heavy sorrow for our members who are now burdened with such an impossible choice. But above that, I’m just angry – about the violation of the Second Article of Faith, about alienating & excluding those whom we are called to love, about the dragon of hate currently blowing its fire all over my FB newsfeed. I’m angry and tired."

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This topic continues in the next essay

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References used:

The following information source was used to prepare and update the above essay. The hyperlink is not necessarily still active today.

  1. Michael McFall, "Protesters rally against Mormon policy regarding children of same-sex couples," The Salt Lake Tribune, 2-15=NOV-08, at:
  2. Jana Riess, "Mormon policy excludes children of same-sex marriages. And I am livid," Religion News Service, 2015-NOV-06, at:

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No copyright is claimed by Ontario Consultants on Religious Tolerance, because copyright is owned either by Religion News Service or by individual readers who posted comments.
Original posting: 2015-NOV-10
Latest update: 2015-NOV-11
Compiled by: B.A. Robinson

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