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"The Faith Attracter Factor"

An essay donated by Arthur Levine

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Sponsored link.

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Are you making yourself attractive to God? Would you like to make yourself irresistible to God? All you have to do to accomplish o become a believer Ė A Person of Faith.

And just as God will be attracted to be by your side, your faith in him will attract you to the ways of our common Lord.

I think that as a Person of Faith you will find yourself more attractive to all people of good faith as well. Donít you want to share a common bond with other people of good faith? Donít you want to feel wonderful?

Itís time for you to step out and fulfill your promise. Do the good works that can benefit those you care about and society in general. Itís time for you to step out and make yourself attractive to God.

Being a Person of Faith is something you can do something about every day. Start to take 'little leaps' of faith in order to get closer to God.

Start to become an operative of God. When you do you will gain a sense of satisfaction that you have never known before. You will begin to feel fulfilled. You will begin to feel more secure.

You will be able to cope with the troubles of our time like terrorism and natural disasters. You will begin to follow in the footsteps of God.

Now is the time to go into action, and this is a call to action. Imagine that God is calling you to be all that you can be. Arenít you attracted to God and to the opportunity to do his good works?

I think to help get you started we should do a little soul searching to determine all the 'little leaps' of faith that you can take to help you become attracted to God and a Person of Faith. Are you ready to step out and get started?

Start by making a list of 'little leaps' of faith you can take to make you feel closer to God. Start by getting inspired by God. Start by believing. Start by having faith.

Take a 'little leap' of faith and discover that you are attracted to God.

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Arthur Levine is the author of the Magic of Faith -- which can be accessed at http://www.faith123.com -- and of the Faith Patch Manual.

To discover more 'little leaps' of faith that you can take to help make you attractive to God, please visit: http://www.faith-patch.com

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Copyright © 2005 by Arthur Levine
Originally posted: 2005-DEC-07
Latest update: 2005-DEC-07
Author: Arthur Levine

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