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"Where To Go Next To Find God"

An essay donated by Arthur Levine

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Where To Go Next To Find God

I think the place to go next is to the heart of the matter. How do you know there really is a God? Who amongst us hasnt asked himself that question? Lets try and find an answer together. Lets attempt to establish some proof positive. Lets try to prove the existence of God by eliminating the alternatives. Lets ask ourselves some questions:
  1. Who else but God could have created the universe?
  2. Who else could have given us the ability to reason and to talk?
  3. Who else could have given us the desire to believe in God?
  4. Why else would we want to have faith in one Supreme Being?
  5. Why else would miracles happen?
  6. How can we believe in the future without faith?
  7. How can we believe in ourselves if we dont believe in God?

The answer to all these questions is to take the 'little leap'  of faith that God is real and He is always with us.

Ask yourself the question: do you believe you could go on living a worthwhile life without faith in God? Could you find happiness without faith? Could you feel secure without faith that God would protect you from the dangers you live with? Could you have peace of mind without knowing that God was watching out for you?

But questions arent answers or proof positive, are they? The fact is the proof is in believing. The proof that God exists lies in our willingness to believe that he does. The proof lies in what we truly believe in our hearts and minds. It resides in our imagination. It is a matter of faith.

Take the 'little leap' of faith that makes you believe that God exists and is real. Get inspired to find God.

Once you accept God in your heart as a matter of faith, you will know what direction to take next. You will know to follow your instincts.

You will know to take a direct path to God. Your faith will be proof positive that God exists.

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Note about the author:

Arthur Levine is the author of the Magic of Faith -- which can be accessed at http://www.faith123.com -- and of the Faith Patch Manual.

To discover more 'little leaps' of faith that you can take to help make you attractive to God, please visit: http://www.faith-patch.com

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Copyright 2005 by Arthur Levine
Originally posted: 2005-DEC-07
Latest update: 2005-DEC-07
Author: Arthur Levine

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