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Lycos is one of the oldest and most popular search engine on the Internet. They reported that "Britney Spears" was the most popular topic searched during the year 2000. Lycos recorded the following religious/spiritual/ethical search topics as the most popular:

Year 2000 rank Topic Year 1999 rank
16 Christmas 29
19 Halloween 9
25 The Bible 33
38 Harry Potter RN > 100
53 Greek mythology > 100
65 Death penalty > 100
72 Witchcraft > 100
91 Wicca > 100

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bullet "Harry Potter" is not generally considered a religious topic. It is children's fantasy fiction. However, we included it because some people consider it a form of Witchcraft.
bullet This site seems to have covered all of the most important of the religious/spiritual/moral search topics, with the exception of "Greek mythology." We did not realize how popular that topic is. 
bullet We were surprised that "Abortion" or "Partial Birth Abortions" were not included in the top 100 list.
bullet We found it interesting that "Wicca" is the most popular religion that was searched for. Yet public opinion pollsters, almanacs, lists of religious groups in the U.S. tend to ignore Wicca and other Neopagan religions. 
bullet On our site, the dozen most popular essays accessed during the last week of the year 2000 were: Wicca, Naturism/nudism, Religions of the world, Santa Claus, Christianity, Spanking children, Abortion, Female Genital Mutilation, Masturbation, Buddhism, Islam, and Physician Assisted Suicide.

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  1. The full list by Lycos is available on Newsday's Business E-dition at: 

The list is copyright 2001 by Lycos. The rest is copyright 2001 by Ontario Consultants on Religious Tolerance
Originally written: 2001-JAN-6
Latest update: 2001-JAN-6
Author: B.A. Robinson

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