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Please read to avoid disappointment:

Sorry for the hideous color combination, but it at least got your attention.


Our commitments:

  1. We will read every incoming Email.

  2. We will allocate 2 hours a day solely to answering Emails.

That is all we can do because we have other responsibilities keeping our website up to date and expanding.

Please don't send us Emails containing:

  • Requests for money. We get lots of appeals from Christian groups in African countries. We are a hopelessly under funded organization and have no surplus money to donate. Also, we are a multi-faith group, not a Christian group.

  • Requests to exchange links, if your website doesn't have significant religious, spiritual, moral or ethical content.
Please be aware:

We are an independent, multi-faith website that is not affiliated with any other faith group or religion. Individuals working on the web site have a range of beliefs about God ranging from Atheist to Agnostic to Theist. Although we have essays on Mormonism, Christian Identity, Jehovah's Witnesses, etc. we have no affiliation any of those groups.

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To send us Emails at [email protected]:

Please click on one of the following alternatives:

bullet Tell us about ERRORS on our website. We strongly encourage you to Email us if you run across any errors, whether related to content, accuracy, clarity, balance, spelling, punctuation, grammar, etc.

bullet Suggest a NEW TOPIC for us to cover.

bullet Suggest or request a HYPERLINK to your site. (As noted above, we only exchange links with other web sites that contain significant religious, spiritual, moral or ethical content.)

bullet Donate an ESSAY that we may be able to publish.

bullet Deal with some OTHER topic.

By clicking on one of these links you will create an Email message to us with ERROR, VISITOR ESSAY, LINK , NEW TOPIC or OTHER in the subject line. Please do not erase this word because we use it to sort incoming messages by topic. We receive hundreds of Emails a day and don't want to miss any that are written by visitors to this web site.

If you do send us an Email to [email protected], we promise that we will NOT send you appeals for funds or any other unsolicited Email. We will not pass your Email address on to anyone else. But we will read your Email.

We have increased the number of hours of our part-time staff member -- our first -- to handle some of the administrative load. We are asking visitors to our website who believe in the message that we are disseminating to help us pay for this new expense by joining our "300 club" and donate a small amount of money each month via credit card or PayPal. This staff member has freed up time. But the work load involved in keeping our 7,200 essays and menus current -- and writing new ones -- remains overwhelming.

Reaching us by letters or fax:

Unfortunately, we can't respond to all incoming letters. In particular, we do not respond to letters seeking information about white supremacist and other hate organizations.

  • Our U.S. postal address is: OCRT, PO Box 128, Watertown, NY, 13601, USA.

  • Our Canadian postal address is OCRT, PO Box 22035, RPO Cataraqui, Kingston ON, Canada K7M 8S5.

  • Toll-free Fax: (888) 806-6115. 

  • Voice phone:
    Sorry, but we get so many hate Emails, and the occasional death threat that we hesitate to publish our phone number. On a positive note, we have averaged about 3.5 positive emails for every negative one.

Last update: 2018-MAR-25
Webmaster and main author: B.A. Robinson
Email: [email protected]
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