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Movable days, according to the Gregorian calendar:

Year Ash Wednesday (West) Easter Sunday (West) Easter Sunday (Orthodox) Ascension Day (West) Pentecost (West)
1996 Feb-21 Apr-7 Apr-14 May-16 May-26
1997 Feb-12 Mar-30 Apr-27 May-8 May-18
1998 Feb-25 Apr-12 Apr-19 May-21 May-31
1999 Feb-17 Apr-4 Apr-11 May-13 May-23
2000 Mar-8 Apr-23 Apr-30 Jun-1 Jun-11
2001 Feb-28 Apr-15 Apr-15 May-24 Jun-3
2002 Feb-13 Mar-31 May-5 May-9 May-19
2003 Mar-5 Apr-20 Apr-27 May-29 Jun-8
2004 Feb-25 Apr-11 Apr-11 May-20 May-30
2005 Feb-9 Mar-27 May-1 May-5 May-15
2006 Mar-1 Apr-16 Apr-23 May-25 Jun-4
2007 Feb-21 Apr-8 Apr-8 May-17 May-27
2008 Feb-6 Mar-23 Apr-27 May 1 May-11

There are a number of holy days that are linked to Easter Sunday:

bullet Lent, a period of fasting and prayer, begins on Ash Wednesday, 46 days before Easter Sunday.
bullet Palm Sunday is recognized 7 days before Easter Sunday; it is the beginning of Holy Week.
bullet Holy Thursday, (also called Maundy Thursday), remembers the Last Supper. The term "Maundy" was derived from the old Latin name for the day, "Dies Mandatum," -- "the day of the new commandment."
bullet Good Friday, (also called Holy Friday), commemorates the execution of Jesus by the Roman army of occupation.
bullet Easter Sunday celebrates the resurrection of Jesus.
bullet Ascension Thursday, (also called Ascension Day), occurs 39 days after Easter Sunday; it commemorates the ascension of Jesus into heaven.
bullet Pentecost, (also known as Whit Sunday), is the 7th Sunday after Easter, the day when the Holy Spirit is reported as having descended upon the Apostles. 
bullet The first day of Advent is the Sunday which is closest to November 30; it foretells the coming of Christmas.

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Fixed days:

bullet Epiphany, on Jan-6 celebrates the visitation of the 3 wise men to Jesus after his birth.
bullet Christmas is the day associated with Jesus' birth. It is celebrated on Dec-25 by Western churches and on Jan-7 the following year by Eastern Orthodox churches.
bullet Advent Sunday (also called the First Sunday of Advent) is the Sunday closest to November 30. It is the first day of an approximately 28 day (4 week) period of preparation for Christmas.

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Calculating dates:

  1. SmartNet has a calculator for computing the Orthodox and Western Christian ecclesiastical calendars at:
  2. The Royal Greenwich Observatory publishes an information leaflet on the date of Easter at:
  3. The "Date of Orthodox Easter 1875 to 2124" is listed at:

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Reasonable care has been taken to prepare this list. Sources often differ, so check elsewhere if the precise date is important.

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Last update: 2007-MAR-27
Author: B.A. Robinson

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