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An essay donated by Bruce McKerras

Signposts of the coming Apocalypse

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The Bible does not prophesy the end of the world or of total destruction, but of a whole series of carefully timed events that lead up to the great and glorious Return of Jesus. The final countdown of the end times will take years and before the first prophesied event happens, we are told of a few preliminary things that will set the stage for the political, economic and religious climate that is necessary to trigger the Lord’s action. These preparatory steps seem to be falling into place in rapid succession. It is humanly impossible to resolve the political situation in the Middle East. Many countries have failing economies, Religion is once again the motivation for war.

Many people today react negatively to anyone who warns about the coming reset of civilization, even though it is obvious that things cannot continue as they are for much longer. They say it is foolish to worry about what may happen, or even talk about the trends and signs that point toward the end time scenario as portrayed in Scripture.

In Matthew 16:1-4, Jesus sternly rebuked the religious leaders of His day for their failure to discern the signs of His first coming. He was fulfilling the Old Testament prophecies and performing miracles, yet they were blind to it all. Likewise today, many religious leaders are doing the same, blinded to prophecy and to the signs that point to an imminent commencement of God’s program of preparation for the Second coming of Jesus.

God is preparing the world stage for His drama of the ages. When the curtain parts, when the heavens are torn asunder, Isaiah 64:1-2, then those who have failed to understand or even to consider the more than 100 prophesies that clearly tell about the forthcoming fire judgment/punishment, they will be shocked and terrified.

Do not hope for a rapture from this first event. The prophesies that tell of a ‘meeting in the air’ refer to the visible Return of Jesus for His Millennial reign, which is to come much later. A judgment by fire will happen next and it will be a testing time for all mankind. 1 Peter 4:12

2012 is a year that has a lot of people worried, what with the Mayan calendar ending and the proliferation of disasters such as crop failures, earthquakes and fierce storms. But the greatest threat facing the world is a nuclear armed Iran attacking Israel. If this happens, it would most likely trigger a worldwide conflagration -– World War 3.

Bible prophecy, our sure guide with proven fulfilled predictions, tells us that this war will not happen. Ezekiel 7:14 God’s wrath destroyed the civilization of Noah’s time with a great flood; this time He will use fire to destroy His enemies. The Lord promises to save a remnant of Jews in Jerusalem, Isaiah 31:5 and around the world, all those people who take heed of the warnings to shelter and who call upon His Name for protection, will be kept safe. Isaiah 26:20-21

Do not doubt; events will unfold as the prophets have so graphically prophesied, so long ago. First this terrible judgment by fire, a massive CME 1will be sent out from the Lord’s storehouse, the Sun. Then the world’s survivors will establish a One World Government, but the great promises of God to the Patriarchs and to His righteous people will then be fulfilled, as they gather and settle into the Holy Land.   Zechariah 10:8-10

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  1. A CME is an acronym for "Coronal Mass Ejection." It is "a massive, bubble-shaped burst of plasma expanding outward from the Sun's corona, in which large amounts of superheated particles are emitted at nearly the speed of light. The emissions can cause disturbances in the solar wind." From The Free Dictionary at:

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Original posting: 2012-DEC-01
Author: Bruce McKerras

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