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An Essay donated by Michael A. McMullen

Designed Humanism

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About Designed Humanism:

Designed Humanism is a reconciliation of humanist ethical philosophy with a belief in God and the logical natural world, holding human well-being and development as essential in following a divine path.

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Primary belief:

Designed Humanists believe that God intervened in evolution of humanity to intentionally create mankind in the exact form of modern humans with a full range of emotional, cognitive and physical abilities. By using these abilities to the fullest for the well-being of mankind, they believe they are following the path God intended.

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"...we are the way we are because God made us this way for a reason. When we do things that are bad for us mentally or physically, we are going against our design. The reverse is true: that things that are good for our mental and physical well-being help us achieve our purpose..."

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Core principle:

The core principle of Designed Humanism is the idea that three inter-related elements make up humanity: The Individual, Society and the Environment:

  • The Individual: The strengths, skills and development of the individual are seen as essential for the progress of society toward a more harmonious balance with the environment. Only through self-knowledge and personal development can an individual increase the speed with which mankind moves as a whole along the divine path.

  • Society:Society functions to regulate individuals on a communal level and to provide resources and communal knowledge transfer to individuals.

  • The Environment: The intervention of God put man outside of the natural system of controls by giving man the ability to change and manipulate the environment. This is seen as a position of responsibility rather than dominion because of the dependency of man on nature and the danger he poses to it.

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Tenets of Designed Humanism:

  • God directed the evolution of man.

  • Man has a purpose and a timeless and all-inclusive path to follow.

  • Doing what is good for the well-being of man is to follow God’s path.

  • The individual is reliant upon and inseparable from society and the environment. Actions against any of the three are actions against oneself and against God’s purpose for us.

  • Morality and Ethics are based on minimizing or eliminating negative effects on the individual, society and the environment.

  • Individualism and personal development are essential for the progress of society and all of mankind.

  • Stagnation and the under-use of the ability to learn and develop are the denial of God’s gift.

  • Education, rationality and communal knowledge are the keys to creating a better future for humanity.

  • Humans, societies and the environment are resilient.

  • Democracy, human rights, gender and racial equality and tolerance are essential for the well-being of man.

  • Everything should be questioned and subject to rational inquiry.

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Stance on controversial issues:

Designed Humanists see the current controversial issues in a rational light of what makes within God's plan.

Sexual orientation or identification differences have existed throughout history and are not a short-term behavioral adaptation. Thus, they are recognized as biological diversity that plays a role in the development of humanity. Society needs to value individual differences as having the potential to increase innovation and development in the progress of humanity.

Abortion is seen from the perspective of when our unique characteristics set us apart from the rest of the species in the world. Designed Humanists don't recognize a fetus as being human until it receives God's gift of human consciousness and awareness. These higher brain functions mark the dividing line between biological matter that is little different than any other, and the point in which it becomes truly human.

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"Designed Humanism" was conceived in 2012 by an American, Michael A. McMullen and published in the book, GOD The Ultimate Humanist:

Book cover image  Published in Kindle format by Amazon on 2012-JUL-10. 247 KB; 69 pages.'s description:

"God, The Ultimate Humanist is an accessible and concise reconciliation of a belief in God with the logical world around us. Where secular humanism's often vague or overly complicated logic fails to compel believers, Designed Humanism shows that a belief in God as the creator clearly demands humanism as a guide to fulfill our purpose.

God has shown us our path through our design and the world around us. This book is a brief introduction to Designed Humanism's logic of discovering that path. Not surprisingly, God's intention for us is a timeless path that can be discovered and followed by any human community at any time throughout history, the present or the future. It doesn't change with technological advances and discoveries and functions as well in primitive societies as in the most high-tech."

Read reviews, download a free sample of the ebook. or order the ebook for U.S. $5.99 safely from online book store

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Author: Michael A. McMullen
Originally posted: 2012-AUG-03
Latest update: 2012-AUG-03

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