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An essay by Freya Moon

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First, some definitions:

bullet A CREATIONIST: A creationist is a person who rejects the theory of evolution and believes instead that each species on earth was put here by a Divine Being. A Creationist might accept "micro-evolution" (changes in the form of a species over time based on natural selection), but rejects the notion that one species can-- over time-- become another species.
bullet INTELLIGENT DESIGN PROPONENT: An ID proponent rejects the theory of evolution and, more generally, the notion that natural law and chance alone can explain the diversity of life on earth. Instead, the ID proponent argues--often from statistics--that the diversity of life is the result of a purposeful scheme of some higher power (who may or may not be the God of the Bible).
bullet EVOLUTIONIST: An evolutionist accepts the Darwinian argument that natural selection and environmental factors combine to explain the diversity of life we see on earth. An evolutionist may or may not believe that evolution is the way in which a Divine Being has chosen to work in the world. Evolutionists divide into various camps, including PUNCTUALISTS (who believe that evolution usually occurs sporadically, in relatively short bursts, as the result of major environmental change) and GRADUALISTS (who are more inclined to believe that evolution occurs more evenly, over longer periods of time). The PUNCTUALISTS seem now to be winning the argument.

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Evolution, creationism and the human soul, by Freya Moon

I caught the last half hour of this show about how the religious right is trying to get evolution back out of schools, and creationism back in. Nothing new here you say? Think again. As you can see in the definitions above, there are 3 schools of thought now. That's right folks! A new school of thought to add to the mix. And some evolutionist supporters are TERRIFIED that INTELLIGENT DESIGN, if allowed in public schools, will open up the door to Creationism. If the Creationism enthusiasts can get I.D accepted, they are just a nudge away from breaking the boundaries between church and state. State funded schools belong to no religion. They are for the people of this country(if you live in the United States). They are a place where it's citizens of all faiths can send their children to learn the skills they need to survive in their environment. Where they can learn math, writing, science. They learn skills for their future. Our children are taught the beginnings of many pathways of science. They learn about elements and how they combine. They are taught about cell structure and bone density. They are taught about penicillin and vaccines. Children are taught about black holes and red dwarfs. Children are taught evolution. This is what I think on a few things:

Deep deep down in the oceans, hot gasses leaked out from the core and into the deep waters, causing an environment suitable for rudimentary life. How this life arrived is not known. But some speculate it could have been dormant in a space rock from a distant planet that may have supported rudimentary life at some point. I am no scientist, but to me it is a little like Sea Monkeys. My father received Sea Monkeys as a gift. Now when all the Sea Monkeys die, they can be resurrected! You let the tank dry out for 4 months or so. Let it evaporate completely and then just sit there awhile. After so many months, you add new water to the dried out tank. Viola, new Sea Monkeys hatch! Is this Magic? No. The brine shrimp's eggs are rejuvenated or something. That's as far as I go with the Sea Monkey's comparison. I go from there to thinking of an ideal environment that is ready for life, and if a source of possible life is added to that environment with the capacity to thrive there, life will grow. From bacteria to human beings, we all depend on our environment to live. As our environment changes over time, so to must life adapt in order to survive. Everything with a spark of life, is hardwired to survive. A virus will change to avoid annihilation. All things living must adapt to an ever changing environment or die off. Back to that hot water with steam and core vapors deep down in the ocean. Omega's and other single celled organisms began popping up. A lot like how mold pops up in dark humid areas. That mold seems to come out of nowhere, but it is things in the environment combining to make life possible. These multitudes of single celled, "things" get a little crowded down there in the deep. Maybe throw a little competition in for good measure. Some things evolve to feed off other things. Some things look for more space and move further away from the heat and vapors that help sustain them. Those slowly adapt in different directions with one thing in common. They adapt to survive in their new environment. Their bodies change so all the plumbing functions at optimal levels. Millions of years to go from a single celled floater taking nutrients from the vaporous waters, into a little jellyfish, floating in the currents feeding off of brine shrimp(or Sea Monkeys!) Some things eventually came to land. If my thoughts on evolution seem childlike, I am ok with that. I read as much as I can and I hope at least a little gets through. Do I believe in evolution? The science that tells us the physical mechanics of life? Why, yes I do! I believe it is the end all meaning of life? Of course not! Science should not be a religion. Science tells us how the world works by studying the physical and detectable.

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Religion tells us how the world works by living certain sets of values and creates parables to teach them. This is all fine and dandy. But just as physical life competes to survive, some forms of religion compete to survive. Religion out of hand wants to dominate. Eradicate all other forms of belief so there is no threat to their way of thinking. This is caused by fear. The fear that other beliefs will appeal to it's followers, and who will in turn, question the "way things are". I find that fundamentalist leaders are afraid of trusting others to make their own choices, while their followers need someone to make their choices for them. If this relationship is beneficial to all parties concerned, that's great! Leaders guide their flock, the flock looks up to the Shepard. My problem is when the shepards of some flocks I do not belong to, start trying to herd me. My problem is when shepards start using the public school system to get to the children of people who don't want their herd mentality. Hey shepards! Ever consider maybe we "lost lambs" are not lost after all? Perhaps I belong in some other herd, and my shepards tell me YOU and your herds are lost? Are you going to beat up my flock and think winner takes all? Of course not! You already know that doesn't work. But did you know the Shepard to the right of you knows for a fact that beating another's herd into submission begets followers too?

Yeah. So. All these shepards want to be the big boy in town. All these shepards form a little gang of independent contractors to work for a common goal despite their differences. Oh yeah! Didn't you know that opposing sides will ban together if it is a step in the "right" direction for them all. You may be a little lost lamb to me, but you want Creationism taught in schools, so there is hope for you yet! You also know that once the common goal is reached, the gang will disband and all the little shepards will be back to trying to dominate each other. And me. You see, Creationism is not the only Fundamentalist Christian idea that the shepards try to force on us. They want to dominate morality for everybody. Putting creationism in public schools is a way to get to the people early. I see nothing wrong with a Shepard wanting to start their flock's education as young as they like. That is what Sunday schools and after hours programs are for. Shepards, mind your flock, but don't try to force it on me. Don't try to force it on the children of others. If a parent wants their child to grow up by your standards, great! But it does not belong in the public schools. I know you all think you are right. But if only one of you is right, the rest are wrong. You just can't ALL be right can you? Well, can you?? Well, sure you can.

Could the ideal situation to create life on this planet have just been an act of accidental randomness? Could some higher being have planned all this? Could the life spark be an energy that we all share? The answer to these questions are yes, no, and maybe. All depending on where your head is at. Reality is what you make it! Reality is half physical fact, and half mysterious. Our bodies are made up of cells and organisms. Our brains are complicated computers that fire thoughts and unconscious body orders though synapses and electrical currents. Our bodies are supercomputers with soul.

Ah! The soul, the mind, the spiritual essence, the spark! That is still a mystery. So shepards give an answer because the unknown can cause fear, chaos, or general unruliness. Lots of people need guidance in their lives. Religion provides that to them. Religion provides the answers to life, giving a sense of security. People have the right to choose what set of beliefs they want to live by. They should at least choose their Shepard if they need one. Teach Creationism in your Sunday schools. When the child grows up, he may stay or go. But the Hindu father or pagan mother would prefer you let them decide what beliefs and values to bestow on their children. Keep it out of the public schools and respect thy neighbor. You may think you are only doing what's best for us, but I really think you would hate a class in your child's school about a creation story where god is a woman, or ferrets are gods. Public school is not the place to teach philosophical ideals or creation ideas as fact. It is bad enough we have to conform to most cultural social ideals in order to coexist. My freedom lies in the mysterious. Leave it to each individual to decide their path. Evolution and biology explain our shells, our spirituality helps define the mysterious.

All things unknown by science are in the mysterious realm. This is the realm where we have the room to dream! Science delves a lot into facts and numbers, but it also delves deep into the mysterious world finding answers to many questions never before asked. Some things just do not have a scientific answer. The true beginning of life is a mystery that may never be answered with facts and figures. And until it is, I will continue to dream. I belong to no herd, and I am my own Shepard. Deal with it! I am sure there are many great values you can share, just don't make choke me with it. And I'll only tell you mine if you have a willing, open ear. I won't demand anything of you, and I won't try to convince you; but if you ask nicely, we can chat a bit:)

Just one spark in the sea of life,

Freya Moon

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Copyright 2005 by Freya Moon
Originally posted: 2005-MAY-10
Latest update: 2005-MAY-10
Author: Freya Moon

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