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I would like to discuss one small way we can help direct intent in order to pave the way to Spiritual and religious tolerance; a dream that many of us share. First read my thoughts about change.
Freya Moon
[email protected]

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There is only one way to create change. Action!

Action can be achieved many different ways; even small actions can create great change. Small change can catch on and create greater change.

Physically creating change would entail a physical means, like moving bales of hay, or performing an operation. These two example seem like small changes in the wider scheme of things; but to the individual who's livelihood depends on the hay, or the patient who's life is enhanced or saved, it means everything! Small change adds up. The healers in our world work for a common goal, even if going about it in many different ways. The man with the scalpel, the woman with the microscope. (or vice versa). United by cause (intent) they create a change for the common good.

Now a little about intent to change:

Intent is a very powerful tool. We all use it everyday to a small degree. Answered prayers may be created through intent. That same intent is used throughout belief systems. I myself am a witch (not Wiccan, but many of my beliefs have common ground). To me (not speaking for anyone else), intent is a very important part of magic/magick/prayers/life. Intent can be used for self-empowerment, a great way to achieve goals in life. That doctor would never have made it to where he is today without very strong intent to get there.

I also think it can be used to create change on the world around us. And if many people are looking to create a similar change, then the intent spreads farther and wider. The intent of one individual can create change, but it grows and spreads roots with staying power through the common intent of many. With that said, I will now introduce my idea:

I was recently at the grocery store looking at blue light bulbs. I decided it would be neat to use one for my porch light. It looks lovely... I know that neighbors will eventually get around to asking me why blue? Well, I would have told them just because I wanted to, I like it, and I'm weird. Then tonight I was reading an article  and I wished there was a way to dispel fear by helping others understand a belief system different than their own. The article talks about Wicca, but I am thinking in much broader terms. A shared tolerance of different belief systems through understanding and respect. There are other directions I could have gone with my thoughts because the article talks about many misunderstandings, and perhaps something similar could be done. My intent is focused on tolerance. I decided that blue light should have a purpose. Remember small intent can lead to change by effect.

My blue light bulb represents my intent to accept people for who they are, not what group they belong to. My blue light represents my intent to respect someone else's freedom to practice their beliefs even if I do not believe in them, or even approve of them, so long as they don't hurt me physically, or try to force their beliefs on me.

Now you can be Christian, Muslim, a Wiccan, an Agnostic, Jewish, Hindu, Atheist, Spiritualist, Native American, Islam...etc.

My blue light also represents that I believe in my right to believe in who, or whatever I choose so long as I do not intentionally hurt, or try to force someone else to submit to my beliefs. If someone asks me why do I have a blue light on my porch (looking at me strangely); I will tell them it represents my belief in Spiritual Freedom, and tolerance and respect for other belief systems, so long as they do not hurt me intentionally, or try to indoctrinate me.

The vision of the bigger picture for me is:

Night. Many porches lighted blue amongst the white. Driving through the streets, seeing a few here and there, and some areas lit up blue. All for the same goal. Freedom to practice our beliefs, tolerance for our neighbor's beliefs. neighbors telling neighbors why when asked. Offering to exchange ideas if asked, and listening to ideas out of curiosity or further contemplation, without being automatically negative. Knowledge is the only way to cure ignorance, and ignorance is what can sometimes create fear. We can better judge what is dangerous if we take the time to understand what it is for ourselves. What we are told by others can be very one-sided. Get many sides and no one can accuse you of making a rash judgment.

As people share their intent for the blue light, it will spread to those who don't know about it and have the same longings. More porch lights will shine blue. This will be a visual reminder to the world and each other, that we care. It is a great comfort when you know you are not alone. Shared intent spreads. It creates change. I wish for my blue light to represent unity through small action. Bring the intent to the surface through a blanket of blue light, and create change. A very peaceful way to symbolize a peaceful belief.

What you will need:

bullet A blue light bulb,
bullet a porch light,
bullet an on/off switch,
bullet your intent.

It may make you feel strange at first, but there is no way for something to catch on without those who are willing to begin it.

If you think this is a good idea, please pass this on! You have my permission to reprint this on your website in it's entirety if you want to spread the word that way. This is intended to be a slow and peaceful movement that can slowly grow in time.

My blue light will now be a permanent symbol to me. And can become a much stronger symbol, through unity.

That unity [of intent] is what can create the greatest change!

Freya Moon,
[email protected]

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Copyright 2002 by Freya Moon.
Originally written: 2002-JUN
Latest update: 2002-JUN-14
Author: Freya Moon

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