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An essay donated by Harry G. Morris

The Conundrum:
Having "... dominion over ... all the earth.

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The problem with Al Gore's theory regarding global warming is not that its premise lacks scientific confirmation, but that the threat is minor compared to a much greater threat to all living species that occupy the planet earth.

In fact it is not merely a threat but a reality already advancing as rapidly as is the melting of the polar ice caps. That reality is the explosive and unrestrained proliferation of the singular species whose conduct has already resulted in the annihilation of thousands of living species and portends a self inflicted genocide of the implicated species itself, namely Homo sapiens.

Thousand of pages of data are available to establish the inevitable consequences, if not restrained, of the population expansion. As resources to support this expansion are depleted it will result in chaos unknown to date in human history. This reality does not require further documentation than that already in existence to support the conclusion. A review of the commodities exchanges alone points to the certainty that international demand and competition for consumable products will create an environment where conflict is inevitable. The armed intervention of America, et al in the current war in the Middle East is directly, if not singularly related to the dependency on the oil from that region. That is the primary reason President Bush shifted the preponderance of our military forces to Iraq. Weapons of mass destruction (which the UN was well on the way to proven did not exist); America's manifest destiny for regime change in order to democratize Iraq; and other subterfuges were advanced by the Bush Administration since the American public would not accept the real motive (blood and treasure for oil) even though America's national security depends now and for the foreseeable future on Middle East petroleum.

That reality should illustrate to a relatively uninformed public the critical nature of energy independence from that source. It is a thousand times more important than spatial exploration, and all of the resources that fund those programs, or other less essential ones should be devoted to that objective. But herein comes the rub. The multi-national corporations that control the government of the United States, and their influence in many other nations will not allow it.

Therefore the first requirement is for the American public to realize that the United States is no longer a country where the franchise determines national policy, if, in fact, it ever was. The franchise is especially meaningless when the members of the legislative and executive branches of the federal government, if not the judiciary, are subservient, not to the electorate, but to the board of directors of corporate America and its international allies, and never has that been more true as exemplified by the current Bush/Cheney collusion with Big Oil, and other multi-national entities.

Not a single current elected member of those branches, or those clamoring to become the next president of the United States are independent of this association with the possible exception of Ron Paul who may be willing to offend them, but his impact will be less than that of Ralph Nader.

But it does require intellectual objectivity and appropriate action if the trend is to be reversed, an objectivity that is not exactly a strong suit among the general population where superstition compounded by ignorance and indifference is a more dominant feature.

Following his visit to the United States in l831-32 Alexis de Tocqueville wrote in his famous book "Democracy in America:"

"It is impossible, notwithstanding the most strenuous exertion, to raise the intelligence of the people above a certain level. What ever may be the facilities of acquiring information, whatever may be the profusion of easy methods, and of cheap science, the human mind can never be instructed and educated without devoting a considerable space of time to those objects."

Whatever may be the good qualities of the masses in America or other countries, intellectual acumen is not among them. And human nature itself precludes its serious advancement. Oh, the species produces its Einstein's, its Mendelssohn's and its Michelangelo's but the potential for the enhancement of the condition of the human race from their contributions is muted or negated by the proclivity of the race to seek solace or escape in fantasy land through a television tube, a sports stadium, a hypodermic syringe , and everything in between.

Many, of course, turn to the balm of religion which generally take a pessimistic outlook of life on earth, and promises an eternal life of happiness as a reward for certain conduct. This negate the need to be overly concerned toward the custodial duties essential to long term survival of the species.

When tens of millions of Christian zealots, and billions of Muslims believe in the popular or literal interpretation of the Bible as espoused by the Pope or Pat Robinson, or the Qur'an as advanced by a Mohammed, Osama bin Laden, or the rulers of Saudi Arabia, it leaves little hope that the human race will ever abandon its quest for immortality, and erect the secular institutions necessary to contain the real evil in human nature, and promote its potential for establishing harmony with the true force of nature that direct the universe.

Whatever our aspirations to evade this force, what ever mechanism we devise or accept that advocates our individual immortality through the transcendence of a soul, wherein such belief leads to the abandonment of our custodial responsibility to our posterity are we guilty of the most egregious sins of all.

The nova of our sun will occur but in the few billion years that will transpire before this occurs perhaps nature will decide that the balance of the living species that we have not already eliminated are better candidates to "inhabit the earth" in the interim, and remove the singular species that assume they indeed "have dominion over the fish of the sea, and over the fowl of the air, and over the cattle, and over all the earth, and over every creeping thing that creepeth upon the earth" (Genesis 1-26 King James version of the bible).

As Evangelic Christians can attest, God repented from this short sightedness and made two subsequent efforts to correct his mistake, first by drowning (all but Noah and his crew and passengers, and secondly by fire (all except Lot and his gang, excluding Lot's wife who was turned into a pillar of salt}. Perhaps that accounts for its ill effect on ones health by overuse. At any rate, my opinion is that He decided to let mankind fornicate himself into oblivion, a process which is well on its way to fruition.

And he has all the help he will need from the liberal end of the political spectrum whose actions support the population explosion in Africa and other regions through health care, and some of the religious conservatives who opposes birth control. The moralistic concept to relieve human suffering is certainly laudable, but the effects of population growth, if not restrained, will lead to catastrophic suffering unknown in human history.

But the greater danger comes not from idealistic liberals from the universities, or the church, but more so from corporate entities that actually control the machinery of government. In the first instance, it must be asked what threat is posed to the welfare of the populations of the developed nations by businesses and industries that stock our retail outlets with an abundance and variety of products that is the envy of four fifths of the rest of the world's population? And that fact illustrates the problem itself.

Already the depletion of critical resources essential to maintain the opulent life style of one fifth of the worlds populations is far advanced. As an additional increase in world population within the next fifty years equal to the current total population of China and India is added to this demand the catastrophic result is beyond imagination or question.

As long as we worship the golden calf of the corporate bottom line, we will hasten the day when Armageddon will appear like a Sunday picnic compared to the havoc that will ensue as nations resort to armed conflict to complete the ravishing of the planet.

Criticism of the misdirection which the industrial nations are pursuing has little positive value without offering alternative solutions. And since the root causes of the problem are twofold, namely population growth, especially in undeveloped nations, and life styles, habit and custom in the developed ones, it would seem purposeful to outline those alternatives. That is the topic of the following epistle.

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The Recourse:

Neither the people of America, or any other Christian industrial nation will ever implement the actions necessary to forestall this scenario. In fact they are more than likely to be the major contributors to the genocide that will ensue from the employment of modern weapons. Nor is it conceivable that any Muslim nation will effect the changes necessary for neither the Christian or Muslim nations can escape the effect of the propaganda and proclivities of church and state that would make it possible to implement the actions required.

In the first instance, it would be necessary to impose birth control over all the geographic areas that cannot economically support a population density beyond a level to meet basic needs, at least not without destroying great regions of their habitat, and in a manner that, at best, is only a short term solution. This would require implementation of whatever methods necessary from enlightened family planning imposed by the state where necessary to sterilization. Secondly and more applicable to the developed nations is the improbability of imposing the disciplines necessary to eradicate waste, opulence, and abuse and the acceptance of a standard of living that would lessen the effect of such conduct.

The abuse of technological advances that foster unabridged excess over practical utility has created a society, especially in America, that has indentured its very soul to Wal Mart, Madison Avenue and Wall Street. And nothing can illustrate this more than a public that will ignore, if not encourage, the marketing of the Hummer, and the thousands of other excesses that flood our markets and diminish our character. Thus Christianity is our hypocrisy, hedonism is our religion.

Of course the steps advocated herein could only be instituted by a political entity committed to those objective, and with the subsequent population and military force necessary to their accomplishment. This would rule out all the so-called democratic nations, and individual freedoms. But if freedom means the participation and toleration of unabridged waste and sloth, ignorance and disregard toward civility and cultural enhancement, and license to inundate the public with every lewd utterance and practice demeaning to the dignity of the human species, that its loss would be of no consequence.

This perversion of freedom to that of license in America is now the hallmark of our society, and one we export with our missionaries promoting trade and commerce to feed this depravity.

Only a secular state or states with a secular and educated public free of the superstitions and mysticism of religion and acceptance of empirically established scientific facts relating to mankind's actual relations to the cosmos rather than an assumption of an afterlife of God-like immortal status offer any hope for avoiding the Armageddon-like consequence of mankind's refusal to recognize his own follies.

In spite of all the philosophers from Aristotle to Kant and the subsequent advancement of mathematics and physics by men such as Einstein to explain the phenomenon of time, space and motion, it has not altered by an degree whatsoever the biological nature to which all life forms respond. Although wishing to avoid the certainty of this observation, mankind devised, over the ages, rituals and concepts of one type or another to appease this undeniable biological result

As long as the mind of man is shaped through the influence of his institutions to serve a particular doctrine of church or state, or other external circumstances influence his indifference to environmental consequences, neither of which he seeks or is endowed with the capacity to question, will he continue to prove his unsuitability to " have dominion over the fish of the sea, and over the fowl of the air, and over the cattle, and over all the earth...".

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Originally posted: 2007-NOV-
Latest update: 2007-NOV-
Author: Harry G. Morris, Newport News, VA

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