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Multiple Personality Disorder (MPD) & Dissociative Identity Disorder (DID):

Books and Internet resources on MPD/DID

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There are many beliefs about the nature and cause of MPD/DID:

bullet"Dissociative identity disorder," Wikipedia, at: http://en.wikipedia.org/
bulletRalph Allision, "All about multiple personalities," essay at:  http://www.dissociation.com/index2.html 
bulletRichard Baer, "Switching Time: A doctor's harrowing story of treating a woman with 17 personalities," Crown, (2007). Read reviews or order this book 
bulletDoris Bryant, et al., Judy Kessler, "The Family Inside," Norton (1992)
The authors write from a humanist position. They believe that alters are generated during childhood by extreme levels of abuse. The authors examine the alters in terms of personality types (core essence, non-dominant, clusters, etc.) Under the proper conditions of therapy, the alters act as a single "inner family" and leave the original personality as a unit.
bulletBarry M. Cohen, et al., Eds, "Multiple Personality Disorder from the Inside Out," Sidran Press, (1991) Read reviews or order this book 
bulletC.G. Fine & R.P. Kluft, "Clinical perspectives on Multiple Personality Disorder," American Psychiatric Press, (1993). Read reviews or order this book. The book describes unorthodox treatment techniques, including Amytal interviews, play therapy, ego-state therapy, and sand trays.
bulletJames G. Friesen, "The Truth About False Memory Syndrome," Huntington House, (1996). Dr. Friesen attempts to prove that childhood sexual abuse, including Satanic Ritual Abuse, causes the child's personality to shatter. This leads to the appearance of multiple personalities. He believes that recovered memories can be trusted. He asserts that through therapy, the many alters can be combined into a single, mentally healthy personality. The book is written from a conservative Christian viewpoint. Out of print. But you may be able to order a used copy 
bulletThe International Society for the Study of Dissociation (ISSD) has a home page at: http://www.issd.org
bulletDaniel Keyes, "The minds of Billy Milligan," Bantam, (1995). Read reviews or order this book
bulletCandy Little, "MPD / DID a legitimate diagnosis," at: http://www.didlegit.com/
bulletR.S. Mayer, "Satan's Children: Shocking True Accounts of Satanism, Abuse, and Multiple Personality Disorder", Avon Books, New York, (1991). The book is directed to an audience of MPD survivors and to therapists who wish an introduction to MPD. Dr. Mayer describes the experiences of five clients who had been misdiagnosed before coming to him for treatment. He helped his clients to gradually recover memories of horrendous childhood ritual abuse. It is "an unforgettable journey through horror and tragedy to miraculous healing and wholeness." Out of print. But you may be able to order a used copy 
bulletC.A. Ross, "The Osiris complex: "Case studies in Multiple Personality Disorder," University of Toronto Press, (1994). Read reviews or order this book 
bulletF.R. Schreiber, "Sybil: the true story of a woman possesses by sixteen separate personalities," Regnery, Chicago IL, (1973) Read reviews or order this book.
bulletSidran Foundation, "Dissociative Identity Disorder (Multiple Personality Disorder)," essay © 1994 at: http://www.sidran.org/didbr.html
bulletMovie: "The Three Faces of Eve," (1957), Black & White. Read reviews or order this movie
bulletCat J. Winblood, "Living with multiple personalities," at: http://www.aspenleafhosting.com/ See http://www.mandjshow.com for a video of her appearance on FOX's Mike and Juliet Show on 2007-OCT-25th.
bulletMalcolm Ritter, "Lost tapes challenge Sybil story: psychologist; Multiple personalities created during therapy?," Associated Press, 1998-AUG-17.
bulletAugust Piper, "Hoax and reality: The bizarre world of multiple personality disorder," Jason Aronson, (1997). Out of print. But you may be able to order a used copy 
bulletJoan Acocella, "Creating Hysteria: Women and the Myth of Multiple Personality Disorder." Jossey-Bass, (1999). Read reviews or order this book.
bulletReinder Van Til, "Lost Daughters: Recovered Memory Therapy and the people it hurts," Eerdmand (1997), P. 178 to 182. This book deals mainly with the recovered memory therapy hoax which damaged hundreds of thousands of lives during the 1980s and 1990s. The author briefly discusses the case of Sybil.
bulletMikkel Borch-Jacobsen, "Sybil -- The making of a disease," New York Review of Books, 1997-APR-24, Pages 61 & 62. This is an interview of Dr. Spiegel. See: http://www.astraeasweb.net/
bulletJohn Taylor, "The Lost Daughter" Esquire magazine, 1994-MAR.
bulletVIEWING MPD/DID AS DUE TO DEMONIC POSSESSION: This belief is commonly found only among Fundamentalist and other Evangelical Protestants and Roman Catholics:
bullet"Possession, multiple-personality disorder", at: http://www.santafe.edu/~shalizi/notebooks/
bulletDavid Guzik, "Study Guide for Luke Chapter 13 Luke 13 - Repentance, False Religion and the True Way,"  at: http://www.khouse.org/blueletter/Comm/
bullet"Exorcism and MPD from a Catholic perspective," at: http://jmahoney.com/exorcism.html
bullet"Astraea's Multiple Personality Resources and Controversies" at: http://www.astraeasweb.net/household This site suggests that multiple personality is not caused by childhood abuse, but is a naturally occurring, alternative, normal method of brain functioning.
bulletThe Collective Misfit, "The multiplicity controversy: Our perspective," at: http://www.dragonpack.com
bulletCorrie Sawyer, "Corrie's Haven of Dissociation," at: http://www.geocities.com
bulletTheresa et al., at http://www.multiplicity.ca/
bulletDoltaghey Household, "Welcome to Positively Plural," at: http://www.positivelyplural.org
bulletPat Stubbs, "Self invented multiplicity is not a disorder," http://www.m-a-h.net This is a generally negative essay.
bullet"Pem/Pam in SC Home Page" has an impressive list of web resources by survivor/victims of MPD/DID. Unfortunately, it was last updated in 1999 and thus many of the links are broken. See: http://www.healthyplace.com
bulletPavilion: voices of plurality in action has an ambitious program to advocate on behalf of persons with plural personalities. See: http://www.tanuki.cx/pavilion/
bullet"Pilgrim" has posted many brief articles about her personal struggle with DID at: http://www.healthdiaries.com
bullet"four and twenty" publishes an extensive Layman's Guide to multiplicity. They have links to many MPD/DID web sites. See: http://www.kitsune.cx/
bullet"SADM" is a "private, secure and confidential e-mail listserver group" for survivors of MPD/DID. Join at: http://www.golden.net/
bulletThe "Christian Multiples' Webring" is run by the Good Samaritan Ministries, Alaska. See: http://www.geocities.com/Heartland/Acres/3647/
bullet"Corrie's Haven of Dissociation" at: http://www.geocities.com is another Christian DID site.
bulletCarole Smith, "The magic castle: A mother's harrowing true story of her adoptive son's multiple personalities - and the triumph of healing," St. Martins Press, (1998). Read reviews or order this book.
bulletJudy Dragon & Terry Popp, "Multiple journeys into one: Spiritual stories of integration from Dissociative Identity Disorder," Dancing Serpents Press, (1999)  Read reviews or order this book.
bulletDoris Bryant & Judy Kessler, "Beyond integration: One multiple's journey," W.W. Norton, (1995).  Read reviews or order this book.
bulletSandra Hocking, et al., "Living with your selves: A survival manual for people with multiple personalities," Launch Press, (1992).  Read reviews or order this book.
bulletJane Phillips, "The magic daughter: A memoir of living with multiple personality disorder," Viking Press, (1995) Out of print. But you may be able to order a used copy
bulletRachel Downing, "Can I Look Now? Recovering From Multiple Personality Disorder." This is a small and inexpensive, 33 page book on MPD written by a victim/survivor. Its intended audience include other survivors, including their young alters. Out of print. But you may be able to order a used copy 
bulletCameron West, "First person plural: My life as a multiple," Hyperion, (1999), Read reviews or order this book
bulletTruddi Chase, "When Rabbit Howls," Jove Publications, (Reprint 1990). Read reviews or order this book
bulletJoan Casey &Lynn Wilson, "Fock: The autobiography of a multiple personality," Ballantine Books, (1992) Read reviews or order this book

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Books about multiple personalities:

Most of these books promote multiple personality disorder as real:

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Last updated on 2016-SEP-24
Author: B.A. Robinson

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