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Essay donated by "Mushtaq"

God, Satan, his messengers & human response

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I have read a lot of religious writing that attempts to prove the existence of god. I have read other attempts to deny the existence of god, and still other material by people who still have doubts about what to believe.

My opinion is totally different, I think that we humans are not in a position to deny or accept the existence of a creator of this such unimaginatively enormous and marvelous universe.

A more useful discussion may concentrate on the author(s) of those religious texts who claim to be either god, or his son, prophet, etc, or a person privileged to receive messages from god. We must question whether they really talk to god, have seen god, or received the messages from god,

My intention is not to call them liars. I assume that their intention is to bring some good to humanity and that their beliefs are sincere. It may be that they get hypnotized by their own thoughts and start imagining that god is speaking through their mouth.

These writers have been trying to find some solution to the suffering of fellow humans. They have rarely asked god to help them during famine, storms, earth quakes, epidemics, etc. They rarely provided material help. Most times, they only ask people to pray and only hold out the possibility of a good life after death. Thus, the poor and weak remain such while the intelligent people of various religions and belief systems become rich and powerful, and the business of the world goes on.

Now we may accept that there is one god  and one Satan created by him whose purpose is to misguide human beings. God has send many thousands of prophets down through the years to humanity. They have conveyed his commandments and promised people Paradise in return for good deeds. They have promised Hell in return for bad deeds. After much effort the prophets have been able to convince some people to depart this world and live happily in paradise. Unfortunately, they left behind groups of people fighting and killing each other while attempting to convince others of facts that they themselves are not sure of.

For example, Christians argue that Jesus Christ is the son of god and that this belief is written in Bible, However, during his life nobody call him son of god. He used to call god his father in a sense that he didn?t have father like other people. Meanwhile, Muslims say they witness that god is one and Muhammad is his messenger,

According to Jewish, Christian and Muslim holy books, Satan was created at the time of the creation of the universe itself. He will live until the end of the world. He can communicate with human beings irrespective of their age, sex or language. Humans obey him without any promise of reward or threat of punishment.

Now if we reverse the role of god and Satan we will understand that it is god who does not need messengers to communicate with humans. God has installed five or six transceivers in human bodies to receive his massages directly. So please start relying on your own transceivers and you will find that the world is an enjoyable place, even if life is short

That is the truth that every one can sense. So, stop worrying  about Paradise, Only god knows where paradise is.

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Initial posting: 2009-SEP-29
Latest update: 2009-SEP-29
Author: "Mushtaq"

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