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An essay donated by Hellen Nanney

Who Made God?

Is mankind a myth, an accident, or an idea?
Does it matter whether religion can prove its origin?

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I have scanned most of the sites on Bible myths and Creation Science. What I find interesting is how much effort the writers have put into research to prove the Bible is wrong, and that God does not exist. What is the reasoning behind having to be right? Why do they care? Who are they trying to help. Are they trying to help people to believe in nothing, or do they have a something they are trying to believe in themselves. I just do not see what is behind their reasoning. None of them has a blog where a person can challenge their philosophies, theories or research.

I have spent a long life time searching the scriptures, and I am intelligent enough to know it is a written history of mankind in their darkness and in their light. I followed that light and was able to sort out when it was dim, and almost lost. I also gained a spiritual knowledge that I could not find else where, in any other document but the Bible. From that knowledge, I found God. He did not find me for he never lost me. He was waiting for me to listen. He is not just a belief, He has spoken to my thought as loudly as if I was speaking to a person face to face. God told me to write A BOOK, a subject I was pondering very deeply at that same time. 1

I even asked, "Why Me" Now I know. I also discovered through out my spiritual journey, that the cultures of nations, are a mixture of religious knowledge and the worship of gods with differing natures and duties. Thus the self destructive darkness that permeates our mental atmosphere, and the different religious perspectives.

I have disclosed the nature of God in my book, as He wanted me to. 1 I did not write it to prove anything. I wrote it because a God I have a personal relationship with asked me to. WHY? He wants to save all of us from our self destructive darkness. We get our intelligence from Him, and He gave us free will, so we can know Him through choice.

Living outside of His will is the cause of all the disruptions in our atmosphere for we are breaking with the divine Principle that support all creation. The sustaining laws of the universe.

I do not have to prove anything. All this time and effort to prove nothing is nothing to me. At the many crossroads in my life I have prayed for answers, and He gave them to me and wonderful things happened. That is all the proof I need. I do wonder why some of these sites have no place for a different view point to be posted for the readers searching for solid answers. 2 Are they afraid of being wrong?


  1. Helen Nanney's book "Who made God? An incredible journey into the light," is available at: http://www.journey-book.com/
  2. This website, ReligiousToloerance.org maintains a forum for individuals to freely share their beliefs.

Posted: 2008-JUL-03
Last update: 2008-JUL-03

Author: Helen M Nanney

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