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Homosexuality, Bisexual and Transgender/Transsexual topics:

2016-DEC & 2017-JAN:
National Geographic Magazine's
issue on gender (Continued).

Part 3 of seven parts

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This topic is continued here from the previous essay

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love hae imageMore comments posted by readers of National Geographic magazine's web site article about its 2017-JAN gender issue:

  • Harry Callahan tweeted:

    "National Geographic is trying to brainwash young people into thinking this kind of degeneracy is normal."

  • Faar Side cancelled his subscription and commented:

    "How unfortunate such a [formerly] reputable publication would bow to liberal pressure and place a NINE YEAR OLD BOY in the spotlight in such a twisted way. ... Instead of seeking advice and help from REAL PROFESSIONALS, not societal gender freaks, the mother, Debi Jackson, used the single brain cell she has to push forward her child's fantasy of being a girl trapped in a boy's body.  To capture the spotlight. ... This poor young BOY deserved better.  The mother should be institutionalized and [her] parental rights taken away."

  • responded to Faar's posting:

    "My sentiments exactly. [I] Didn't expect them to start pushing the normalization of degeneracy with such ease."

  • posted:

    "I have a question for all close minded people who are posting negative comments. What are you afraid of? I would really like to know your mental reasoning behind your fear of transgender people? Why are you not able to just let us and your children live lives how we wish?"

  • Chris Sky posted:

    "Why? simple... like all 'left leaning' media... you promote the idea of mental illness as not only 'normal' but as 'desired' because it conveniently creates a 'special protected minority' which provides an EXCUSE to control the 'non special' 'non protected' majority... and try to force acceptance of this perversion for the purpose of easier methods of controlling the masses. Nobody wants to be 'labeled' a 'bigot' or 'full of hate' so they better just at least PRETEND like they agree or even better.. what you really want... is for anybody who doesn't agree with the LEFT's agenda... to SHUT UP or FEAR the consequences.

    Well... i'm not afraid. and I will always tell it how it is." 1

  • Josh Colletta responded to Chris' posting:

    " It's not mental illness, nor is anyone attempting to "create a special protected minority."  You're not telling like it is ... Learn science. ..."

  • Dale Core posted:

    "If I "Identify" as a Tree, that does NOT Magically make me a Tree! It makes me Delusional and/or Insane! This Madness of Gender Identity is an ATTEMPT to Force YOU to Like and Accept the Abnormal! Refuse to Comply! Shame on National Geographic for this Divisive, Vile issue! 3

  • :

    "National Geographic, thank you for once again showing your journalistic integrity with an appropriate discussion on a timely and apropos subject. The comments you receive from people threatening to unsubscribe are likely false, as it is hard to conceive of any of your regular readers as being so intolerant to unsubscribe based on one story.   Bringing light to the topic of transgender children may literally be what keeps some of these kids alive, as these kids face uninformed and bigoted parents, classmates, and members of society as demonstrated by some of the hateful comments seen on discussion boards dealing with your cover and article.   Please continue the good work of educating the public about the cultural issues of our time and maintain your journalistic independence and high standards.  Bravo NatGeo!"  

  • B.A. Robinson, the author of this essay, and webmaster of the web site posted a comment on DEC-22. It did not survive the National Geographic censors. I modified the posting slightly as shown below and posted it again at 8pm ET on DEC-23. As of 7 AM on DEC-24, it did not survive the censors either:

    "This topic obviously creates great passion. I have a hunch that most people commenting negatively here are religious conservatives who feel that God specifically creates male and female humans, and intends them to fulfill specific roles in life, restricted according to gender. Thus, for example, in the Roman Catholic Church and many conservative evangelical denominations, women are not allowed to be ordained as clergy. Judging by the negative comments, they feel profoundly threatened by a person who was identified as one gender at birth and changes their gender identity later in life. See:" 1

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More reactions to Avery Jackson and her family:

During 2014-FEB, the Kansas City Star published a story titled: "I am a girl" about transgender children. It featured Avery Jackson and the rest of the Jackson family from Kansas City, MO.

Avery's mother, Debi Jackson, 42, was raised in a Southern Baptist Church with a strong conservative Republican political affiliation. She was invited to give a talk at Unity Temple on the Plaza before 200 people. The Unity Temple in Kansas City bills itself as "a place where diversity is praised, and peace and harmony are the rewards." 2 A video of her speech was posted on You Tube where it had received 626,271 views by 2016-DEC-23.


During her talk, Debi Jackson said:

"I had hundreds of messages and they were pretty much from every continent except Antarctica. ..."

"It had a really positive impact. It was both youth saying:

'I want to show this to my parents, so they can understand;'

to parents saying:

'Wow, thank you. I needed this. I felt alone and now I know I’m not;'

to adults saying:

'If your daughter can have the courage to be who she is at that age, I don’t know why I’m holding myself back. This is encouraging me to transition.'

And some of the people were up in their 80s."

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Avery Jackson (a.k.a. AJ) has her own You Tube video:


Other reactions to the Jackson family:

  • One of Avery's uncles cut off contact with Avery and her immediate family.
  • Another uncle is described as "very much accepting."
  • Debi Jackson's parents are "still coming to terms with their grandchild’s transition."
  • Avery's father, Tom Jackson, runs a sports medicine/athlete business, and lost 40% of his clients.
  • A neighbor to the Jackson family posted on Facebook:

    "My neighbor’s beautiful trans kid is featured on the cover of Nat Geo. Love and respect for the Jackson family." 5

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This topic continues in the next essay:

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References used:

The following information sources were used to prepare and update the above essay. The hyperlinks are not necessarily still active today.

  1. Susan Goldberg, "Why We Put a Transgender Girl on the Cover of National Geographic," National Geographic, 2016, at:
  2. Unity Temple on the Plaza's is located at 707 West 47th St., Kansas City, MO, 64112. Its home page is at:
  3. "Debi Jackson reading 'That's Good Enough'," You Tube, published 2014-JUL-09, at:
  4. "Avery's story," You Tube, 2015-MAY-06, at:
  5. "Threats, bullying hit family of transgender girl on cover of National Geographic," The State, 2016-DEC-22, at:

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Author: B.A. Robinson

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