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Homosexuality, Bisexual and Transgender/Transsexual topics:

Reaction to the National Geographic
's 2007-JAN issue (Cont'd).

Part 4 of seven parts

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This topic is continued here from the previous essay

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More reactions to National Geographic's 2017-JAN magazine cover by the public:

Eric Adler, writing for the Kansas City Star, described the "two public reactions to erupt " to Avery Jackson's appearance on the cover of the subscribers' copy of National Geographic for 2017-JAN. He said:

"The first and most overwhelming reaction to her appearance on one version of the magazine’s January cover continues to be an outpouring of support. The second: hate -- scorching and violent messages. One suggested that the only way Avery would be safe is if her mother were 'exterminated'." 1

Avery's mother, Debi Jackson, said:

"It’s a bunch of internet trolls. ... What they do for fun is find people to make fun of, and start threads. This one particular group likes to target the trans community -- a lot of them try to target people and harass them so, so much so that they’ll commit suicide.

They’ve started a thread about me, [describing me] as a horrible and abusive parent who is using my child for fame and fortune, and obviously I have a twisted sexual deviancy issues to make my boy act like a girl ...

They found information (about our family) and put it out there. People later commented: 'Yeah, she’s definitely one who needs to be cyber bullied until she commits suicide'." 1

A surprising number of those who attack Avery and the rest of her family view her as being abused by her parents. They often suggest that Avery's parents persuaded her to act like a girl. In reality, the parents were confused when Avery began identifying as female and tried to convince her that she was a boy. This is a common response by parents with a transgender child. They are confused at first, and later discover the meaning of being transgender. Many study the topic with the help of medical specialists, become supportive, and help their child make some major gender-related decisions about the rest of their life.

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negative responseA few evangelical Christian organizations, and politically conservative news outlets have commented negatively about Avery and her family:

  • The American Family Association said:

    "BE WARNED PARENTS AND GRANDPARENTS!!! National Geographic shakes a fist at God and biblical authority on their radical mission to advocate gender confusion in upcoming issues." 1

    They also stated that:

    "Human sexuality is binary by design. Binary means there are two and only two options according to medical science — a child either has an XY chromosomal pattern or an XX. These are genetic markers which indicate God's master design for humanity and create the capacity for human reproduction." 2

    Actually, they are misinforming the public. There are many more sex chromosome configurations than XX and XY. Most males have XY chromosomes. But some males are born with Klinefelter syndrome (47,XXY). There are also males with XXY chromosomes. Some males even have XXXY, XYY, or XY/XXY mosaic. Also, while most females are born with XX chromosomes, some have X0 chromosomes. In addition, there are some newborns with XY chromosomes who have "complete androgen insensitivity syndrome (CAIS). They are identified at birth as female, appear in every way to be girls, and have a female gender identity. Most assume that they are female until a DNA test reveals that they are genetic males. This often happens after puberty.

  • The Christian Post referred to Avery Jackson as:

    "a 9-year-old child who was born male but is transitioning to look like a girl." 3

    Whereas other news sources refer to Avery as a girl, or as having a female gender identity, the Christian Post implies that she is a boy, but merely resembles a girl in appearance.

  • is an "independent Internet-based news agency" that describes themselves as "the largest Christian web site in the world." Their article about National Geographic's gender issue describes Avery Jackson as a:

    "nine-year-old boy" ... [suffering from] "sexual confusion." 4

    This description is consistent with the common belief among most religious conservatives that a person's gender is totally defined by the shape of their genital organs, and that any person who identifies as being of the opposite gender from that given on their birth certificate is simply suffering from a psychological illness. They are "gender confused," and in need of counseling and therapy to straighten them out. They may be unaware that counseling has a zero, or essentially zero, success rate.

  • On the Daily Wire web site, writer Amanda Prestigiacomo said:

"... as the Left hyperventilates over their own self-deemed tolerance and goodness, the truth remains that transgenderism [sic] is a mental disorder, with real-life repercussions to real people -- not virtue signaling props."

"Although transgenderism [sic] is not backed by science and leaves real scars on real people, the left will continue to mainstream the disorder and brand all those who hesitate to join their cult as intolerant bigots. As we all know, facts are irrelevant to the Left." 5 

The article contained little information about Avery Jackson and the various articles in the National Geographic special edition on gender. Instead the article concentrated on:

  • The large percentage of young children who later reverse their gender identity and become cisgender naturally. This is a very well known and expected phenomenon and is why medical specialists who work with young transgender children proceed very carefully before allowing and recommending gender reassignment surgery only during their later teen years.

  • A discussion of Cari Stella, who was identified as female at birth, transitioned to a male identity, underwent gender reassignment surgery and later reverted to a female identity. She is one of the approximately 3% of transgender persons who have undergone this surgery and who later have regretted it. Unfortunately, WND did not indicate that this outcome is very rare. 5
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  • On The Blaze web site, Matt Walsh, wrote that National Geographic's 2017-JAN issue is:

    "... profiling a confused and abused young boy who thinks he’s a girl. Of course, he isn’t presented as someone who is confused and abused. Rather he’s presented as a boy who is actually a girl, which is like presenting a triangle that’s actually a circle. ... anyone who suggests that a boy can be a girl is not only guilty of perpetuating abuse, but also guilty of rejecting the entire field of science known as biology."

    "That is why I propose a new name for those who believe in the “transgender” superstition. They are biology deniers. They are people who fundamentally deny the existence of biological sex. They may say that they accept biological sex and proceed to draw a false and fabricated distinction between that and “gender,” but the fact remains that if you will call a boy anything other than a boy, you have denied his biology. You are a biology denier." 6

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This topic continues in the next essay:

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References used:

The following information sources were used to prepare and update the above essay. The hyperlinks are not necessarily still active today.

  1. Eric Adler, "Family of transgender girl on cover of National Geographic harassed with threats," The Toronto Star, 2016-DEC-22, at:
  2. Bryan Fischer, "Accepting Transgenderism Is Child Abuse," American Family Association, 2016-MAR-28, at:
  3. Stoyan Zaimov, "National Geographic 'Shaking Fist at God' With Cover of 9-Y-O Transgender Child: American Family Association," Christian Post, 2016-DEC-19, at:
  4. "National Geographic features 'transgender' 9-year-old,", 2016-DEC-16, at:
  5. Amanda Prestigiacomo, "National Geographic Features 'Transgender' 9-YEAR-OLD, Daily Wire, 2016-DEC-16, at:
  6. Matt Walsh, "Let’s start calling them 'biology deniers'," The Blaze, 2016-DEC-22, at:

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Copyright © 2016 by Ontario Consultants on Religious Tolerance
Original posting: 2016-DEC-24
Latest update : 2016-DEC-31
Author: B.A. Robinson

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