Religious hatred & conflict


Religious conflict, worldwide

anger, hatred, fear Religious hatred and conflict in the U.S.:

bullet Overview
bullet Definitions of, and quotes on, religious intolerance
bullet Religious Intolerance: Causes and Solutions. Some observations. An essay donated by Laura E. Shulman, Adjunct professor of religion, Northern Virginia Community College
bullet Recent examples of religious hatred by followers of Abrahamic religions: Part 1   Part 2
bullet Individual accounts of conflict etc. in recent news items (1999-NOV to now)
bullet Attitudes towards various religions:
bullet By Americans
bullet By American Christians

bullet Religious exclusivism, pluralism, & inclusivism
bullet Targeting specific groups:
bullet Christians
bullet Wiccans and Pagans: on the Internet; on radio;

bullet Attacks on Pagans & Atheists, after 9-11:
bullet By Jerry Falwell, Pat Robertson, & James Dobson

bulletAttacks on Muslims, after 9-11
bullet Franklin Graham, William F Buckley & Benny Hinn

bullet Hindus: Congressional resolution
bullet Satanists in a magazine article
bullet Gays and Lesbians

bullet In Southern Baptist's prayer guides

bullet Misc. topics:
bullet Religious discrimination in state constitutions

bullet Can Atheists be excluded from "an office or public trust?" "Torcaso v. Watkins
bullet U.N. report on religious freedom in the U.S. (1998)
bullet In Radio, TV, Books, Internet and Schools
bullet In the Boy Scouts of America

Religious hatred, intolerance, and conflict elsewhere in North America

bullet In Canada

bullet In Mexico

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Religious hatred and conflict in Europe and Russia:

bullet U.S. statement on freedom in Europe (1999)
bulletReligious oppression, mainly in Europe:
bullet Belarus
bullet United Nations action against Belarus
bullet Belgium,
bullet France,
bullet Germany,
bullet Georgia,
bullet Greece,
bullet Iceland,
bullet Poland,
bullet Russia
bullet Serbia/Montenegro
bullet Kosovo

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Religious hatred and conflict elsewhere in the world:

bullet Afghanistan,
bullet Azerbaijan
bullet Algeria,
bullet China,
bullet Egypt,
bullet Gaza,
bullet India,
bullet Indonesia,
bullet Israel,
bullet Kashmir and Kurdistan,
bullet Maldives,
bullet Myanmar,
bullet North Korea
bullet Pakistan,
bullet Saudi Arabia,
bullet Sri Lanka,
bullet Turkey,
bullet Turkmenistan

Other topics:

bullet Christian persecution, and the International Day of Prayer for the Persecuted Church
bullet Perception by Americans of  worldwide Christian persecution
bullet Control of Jerusalem's Temple Mount

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